What happens if we outgrow our London Office?

What happens if we outgrow our London Office?

Worried you might be outgrowing your office space? Or maybe you think you will in the near future. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many business owners find themselves in the same position at some point in their business journey. The good news is that it’s usually a sign of growth and there are plenty of options available to you.

A lot of things can make your office feel too small, and they’re not all necessarily due to your team getting bigger. With more people eager to get back to the office, you might just have more of your team in the office more regularly now. Or maybe you’ve got new equipment that’s taking up space.

If you’re starting to consider new office space, there are a few things you should think about first. To help you out, we’ve put together some of the common signs that you’re outgrowing your office space and three key things you can do to help.

Find London Offices to Rent with Flexible Contracts

At Canvas, we understand that your office needs will change. That’s why we offer simple, flexible contracts to all of our clients.

Signs you’re outgrowing your office space


If your office is beginning to feel a bit tight on space, there are some common signs to look for before booking in viewings for a new office space. Sometimes businesses will rush into finding new office space before making sure they definitely need a new space. Here are some things to look out for in your office:

    • – No more space for desks
    • – The meeting room is constantly being used for other work
    • – Lack of private, quiet spaces
    • – Productivity is taking a dip
    • – People want to work from home


While some of these might feel obvious or like minor issues, monitoring them is crucial. Going to the office is no longer about working at your desk nine-to-five every day; it’s a space for collaboration and creativity. So, if your team members are starting to resemble sardines, it might be worth considering a change.

But before you start searching for new office spaces, there are a few things you should look into first.


1. Reconfiguring your office layout and furnishing


Startup Office Spaces in London

Most office spaces can be reconfigured for more desk spaces. For example, this serviced office in Mayfair, the break out space can be swapped with more workstations.


The key to a successful office is ensuring that you have the right furniture in the right place. If you’ve got people coming to the office more regularly, it’s a good idea to take a look at your office layout and furnishings.

As businesses evolve and develop, so should your office. What was perfect when you first leased the office space probably isn’t quite right now. Speak to your team, see what they think about moving the office around, and get their ideas on what can be improved. Maybe they’d prefer a more traditional or open-plan office.

Take a look at each piece of furniture and see if it’s an efficient use of space. If there’s a sofa in a breakout space that never gets used, it might be time to get rid of it. You can probably speak to your office provider about removing and storing the furniture if you have a serviced office.

Throughout the process, it’s essential to consider what makes your team tick and how the office represents your brand. The last thing you want to do with your office space is take away anything that makes it a great place to work.

Looking for inspiration? Check out our guide to office layout and design.

2. Using or renting spill out space


Canvas Offices - Office Space to rent London - Luke Street

The large communal areas in these Shoreditch offices are used by teams for collaborations and to work outside their own private offices.


If you’ve moved your office around and are still a little short on space, you can consider using or renting spill-out spaces. Spill out communal spaces are meeting rooms and breakout areas usually used for meetings and collaboration. But if your office gets a little bit hectic from time to time, they make great emergency space for your team in a pinch.

Some office providers include spill out spaces in your lease, and they’re usually in the same building as your office. Double-check with your lease to see if there are any spaces available. Some of the best providers allow you to use spill out spaces in their other buildings, too.

Whatever your team uses the spill out space for – may be it’s heads down, headphones on or crazy marketing brainstorm meetings – they’re perfect for giving everyone in the office the space they need to be productive.

3. Flexible office leases for company growth


Serviced office Old Street

Most flexible office leases have a minimum contract length of 6 months, allowing you to scale your team as needed.


With your office layout and furniture changed and your team using spill out spaces, you might find that your office space is working perfectly. But if your team still feel like they’re living in each other’s pockets, it might be time for a change of office.

Before heading to Google to start your search, look at your office lease. Some office providers are aware that the needs of their clients change over time and build this into their contracts with flexible options. Check if your office providers have any options to switch to a bigger office.

Office providers are usually happy to accommodate your needs. They can do this with bigger office space in the same building or a second office space. And this works both ways, so if you ever need less space in the future, your provider can help. Plus, if you’ve got a flexible contract, you’ll probably only have a short notice period of around two months. This means if your office provider can’t find a suitable solution, you’re not stuck in your small office for very long.

Find an office that scales with your business


At Canvas, we’re passionate about helping our clients succeed. We know what it’s like to run a business and want you to have the best office experience possible. That’s why all of our offices have bespoke options available including changing the layout and adding or removing furniture. We want your office to be an inspirational space where you and your team can thrive.

But it’s also why we offer flexible contracts. We know that your needs will change over time, and we don’t want you to be stuck in an office that’s too small (or big). We’re more than happy to discuss what you need from your office space and find a solution that works for you, your team and your business.

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