The best design features to boost productivity in the workplace

It’s safe to say that there’s no shortage of tech companies in London, many of which seem to have gathered in the Eastern region of the capital.

The best design features to boost productivity in the workplace

There are a variety of ways in which office space design can be maximised in order to create an environment that facilitates growth and productivity across the team. Many of these adaptations aren’t rocket science and have the potential to really help your business – we’ll take you through a couple of them.

Plus, this won’t cost the earth… in fact, it won’t even cost a penny. At Canvas, we bespoke your office space according to your needs at an all-inclusive rate.


Plants, plants and more plants

The concept of ‘biophilia’ suggests that humans have an innate attraction to nature, something that should be considered when designing an office. With employees spending anywhere from 8 to 10 hours a day inside, it’s always a good idea to try and bring the outside in, even if that means just a couple plants here and there.

Scientific studies have shown that having greenery in the office has the ability to significantly reduce stress levels, and can increase productivity by a whopping 15%. Not only do they add to the office aesthetic, but an abundance of foliage improves air quality and reduces noise levels.

We recommend succulents, pothos, philodendrons and sansevierias; these are indoor plants that require very little maintenance but will still brighten up the office.





Contrary to what you’ve been told, being distracted can be a good thing. Having artwork on the walls can stimulate the brain by providing a fresh perspective that’s not the computer screen. Dr Craig Knight, a researcher at the University of Exeter, has found that “If you enrich a space people feel much happier and work better; a very good way of doing this is by using art”.

What artwork you choose to hang is up to you, every business is different – try and find pieces that align with your company culture.




Natural light

Perhaps the most significant factor in increasing productivity is the amount of natural light within the office. This can affect both the mood and behaviour of your team as a whole, which can have a great impact on the company output. We all know that the best seat is by the window.

Not only does natural light affect the immediate mood and behaviour of those in the office and during the working day, but after hours as well. The lighting of the office has been proven to affect employee’s sleep and quality of life outside of the workplace, issues that will obviously have an overlapping effect on the business.

This priority is something that is strongly recognised at Canvas, which is why we ensure all of our buildings benefit from large windows and plenty of natural light.


Natural light



Whiteboards can be a really handy tool to facilitate team exercises. Did you know that people remember about 5% of what you say, while they remember around 34% of what’s written down?

This is why we recommend scattering them throughout the office. This is especially important in meeting rooms, where they can be used for group note-taking, presentations and brainstorming.


Rivington Street


Performance tracking screens

A common feature in many offices these days, TV screens with data displaying weekly, monthly, or yearly goals spread throughout the office have the potential to increase productivity.

These performance trackers encourage workplace transparency by letting employees know where the company stands and where it’s heading. Regardless of the figures, this is already a step in a positive direction. Plus, it may fuel a little healthy competition!


Club Row office space


At Canvas, we bespoke each and every unit according to our client’s preference, which means that all of these features can be easily incorporated into your space at an all-inclusive rate.

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