Open Plan Offices in London

Open Plan Offices in London

If you’re looking for new office space in London, you’ve got a lot of options available. Flexible offices, serviced offices, private offices, shared workspaces…and that’s just to name a few. But before you start planning out where to put your cheese plant and coffee machine, the first thing you’ll need to decide is whether you want a traditional or open plan office in London.

Now, old school closed offices are cool if you want to embrace your inner Don Draper, but open plan spaces are the new norm. (They’re the most popular type of workspaces by a country mile.) And if Facebook built the largest open plan office space in the world a few years ago, you know there’s probably something in it…

On top of that, London open plan offices offer a lot of benefits. From better collaboration and increased creativity to improved company culture, brand identity and creating a bustling HQ at the heart of the capital… If you’re looking for a new open plan, creative office space, London’s the place to be.

And here’s everything you need to know.

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At Canvas, we create homely offices for large & small teams. We include everything (meeting rooms too) with a simple, flexible contract.


What are the advantages of open plan offices?


Open plan office pros: flexibility

Canvas Offices - Office Space to rent London - Shoreditch High Street

Open plan offices can be flexed to accommodate changes in your business size.


Open plan offices can make a space feel larger than it is – which is a must for small office spaces in London. And with so much room to play with, an open plan office means that you can adapt the space to work for your company. You can create different areas within the space to suit departments and working styles, such as:

– Collaborative spaces for exploring ideas

– Private areas for getting projects over the line

– Meeting areas for staff and clients

– All without the need for walls and multiple rooms.


Open plan office pros: tonnes of natural light


One of the big problems with traditional office spaces is that some of your team will get window desks, and others will be stuck with just headache-inducing fluorescent lights. By getting rid of the office walls, you can let your entire team bask in daylight. Not only does this create a more positive environment for both your team and clients and increase your staff’s health, wellbeing and happiness, but it can help you save on your electricity bill in the long run.


Open plan office pros: collaboration and creativity

Flexible office space


Removing walls does more than just let everyone enjoy the daylight. It breaks barriers both physically and metaphorically, to allow for far better collaboration between team members and management.

Communication between team members and different departments happens far more freely and more informally, which allows for a better flow of information and ideas. Not needing to knock on doors for a quick question or idea saves time and boosts productivity.


Open plan office pros: budget-friendly

Budget-friendly open plan offices

Open plan offices can be a more budget-friendly workspace solution.


Generally, open plan office spaces are cheaper to rent. By not having walls, businesses can save on:

– Heating

– Air conditioning

– Lighting

Open plan offices also allow businesses to quickly expand and handle personnel changes, as the spaces can adapt to changes without needing to find a new, bigger office space.


What are the disadvantages of open plan offices?


Open plan office cons: can become noisy

Shoreditch offices spaces on Rivington Street

Breakout areas are just one of the ways to get your head down during noisy periods.


One of the downsides of not having walls in an office is that noise travels. Some people may find it difficult to concentrate with more communication between team members, phones ringing, and keyboards clattering.

But there are some easy ways to counter the noise within an office:

– Set up quiet areas for your staff to focus

– Put a headphones policy in place that acts as a do not disturb signal (bonus: studies show that 71% of staff say they are more productive when they use their headphones at work)

– Create breakout spaces for collaboration separate from the main office space


Open plan office cons: privacy

Finding privacy in an open plan office

Meeting rooms do wonders for adding privacy to an open plan office.


The lack of office walls means that communication between colleagues and managers is far easier and open. But it can be difficult for staff that may want to have a private or confidential discussion.

To solve this problem, many modern open plan offices have meeting rooms and private spaces so that employees can have those private one-to-ones without worrying that the whole office can hear them. Having these spaces means that if anything isn’t quite right or a team member is anxious about discussing something openly, they have a safe space to explore it.


Find the perfect open plan office in London for your business

A guide to office rent in London

With so many open plan offices across London, you’ll need to narrow down your search to find the perfect match for your business.


As open plan offices are the most popular type of office, there’s a lot of choice available. But not all open plan offices are equal and you’ll need to consider what your business needs from an office before renting a space. To get the ball rolling, it’s a good idea to consider:

– What utilities does the lease include?

– Does it have meeting rooms and breakout areas?

– What other facilities are available: kitchen? Showers?

– Is Wifi included? Is it high speed?

– Does it have 24/7 reception access?

While the above are all important considerations, one of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is the location of your new open plan office. Location plays a massive role in your brand’s image and can have an instant impact on potential clients. Plus, having an office in the middle of nowhere will mean your team won’t enjoy the commute.

To give you a hand in choosing a location, we’ve shone the spotlight on some of the best open plan spaces available in London right now.


Open plan offices in Shoreditch

Shoreditch has become a hot spot for a huge array of different markets in the past decade, with everything from tech and media startups to fashion and music businesses. Silicon Roundabout became the epicentre as more and more tech and digital startups flocked looking for the best office spaces in Shoreditch.

Today it’s a prime location for start-ups, scale-ups and big businesses and it’s easy to see why. Not only is Shoreditch a hub for creative businesses, it’s ideally located for all kinds of businesses, big and small, to thrive.


Luke Street — Old Street


Our Luke Street open plan offices in Old Street couldn’t be in a better part of Shoreditch. Not only are they just a few minutes walk from Old Street, Moorgate and Liverpool Street stations, but the office building’s expansive windows have a cracking view of Mark Street Gardens. But it’s not just the views out the windows that are enjoyable, the offices themselves have award-winning interior designs that combine beauty and comfort.

Alongside great views and design, the Luke Street offices also have:

– High-speed internet and Wifi access

– Breakout areas

– Meeting rooms

– Shower facilities

– 24/7 access

Fancy a virtual tour of the Luke Street open plan offices?


Corsham Street — Old Street

Canvas Offices - Corsham Street - Shoreditch

These Corsham Street offices are in a prime location.


If you’re looking to be right in the heart of London’s tech city, there are few better office locations than Corsham Street. Just around the corner from the Old Street Roundabout, the area is full of creative startups and businesses. Inside the office is just as impressive as the location with tonnes of natural light from the expansive windows and high ceilings.

Our Corsham Street offices also offer:

– Fast internet with integrated Wifi

– Kitchen facilities

– Round the clock access

– Breakout areas and meeting rooms

– All utilities included in the rent

Book a viewing of our Corsham Street open plan offices today.

Club Row – Bethnal Green Road — Shoreditch


Our bright and modern open plan offices on Club Row are right in the heart of Shoreditch. The recently renovated office building is just a three-minute walk from Shoreditch High Street station and surrounded by iconic Shoreditch landmarks like Brick Lane and BoxPark. This office boasts high ceilings, expansive windows that give plenty of natural light and incredibile, panoramic views of the London skyline. Features include:

– Fully furnished office

– Cleaning services

– Access whenever you want

– Kitchen with tea and coffee facilities

– Pet friendly


Shoreditch High Street — Shoreditch

Canvas Offices - Office Space to rent London - Shoreditch High Street

Open plan offices in the heart of Shoreditch.


There are few areas better placed for both business and entertainment than Shoreditch High Street. Our warehouse-style office spaces combine exposed brick walls, bold timber beams and Thierry Noir artworks to create open plan offices that arefull of character. Everything you and your business needs is within reach with good transport links and lots of incredible options of team lunches and client meetings out of the office. Features include:

– Plenty of storage space for inventory

– High-speed Wifi

– Secure 24-hour access

– Meeting rooms and breakout space

– Personalise the space to your business

See our Shoreditch High Street open pla offices for yourself by booking a viewing today.


Open plan offices in Mayfair

If you’re looking for office space in the West End, there are few better options than Mayfair. The area is known for its grandeur and has been synonymous with the finer things in life since the 18th century, with its large Victorian buildings, high-end designers, jewellers and aristocratic roots.

Mayfair has incredible transport links that make it easy to get to wherever you need to be in the capital and around the world, with Heathrow just over half an hour away. There are 16 Michelin star restaurants in the area but even the ones unadorned with stars still make for a great dining experience. With a plethora of cuisines that make the area perfect for client meetings and after-work drinks and meals.


Bond Street — Mayfair

Open plan offices Bond Street, London

These newly refurbished open plan offices on Bond Street are the perfect Central London HQ.


Instantly put your business on the map with an open plan office on Bond Street — a sought-after location by businesses worldwide. Steeped with history and surrounded by designer brands, high-end fashion and luxury goods, the area oozes sophistication. Our office is located directly above Bond Street tube station which makes it perfect for getting around London and for your team to get to the office. The office reflects its location with bright open space, stylish wooden beams and floral decorations.

Key features in this office building include:

– Trading and mailing address

– Marble reception

– Cleaning services

– Printing facilities

– Pet friendly

Have a look around our Bond Street open plan offices by booking a viewing today.


Open plan offices in Dalston

Dalston is quickly becoming one of the most sought out areas of London to both live and work following the area’s revival before the 2012 Olympics. Dalston offers businesses a great alternative to more expensive offices in the East End. It’s no surprise that office space in Dalston is becoming more and more popular, with plenty of transport links and a diverse mix of both businesses and culture.


Dalston Lane – Dalston


Our Dalston open plan offices are in a stunning historical building that boasts original wooden floors, high ceilings and expansive windows that let in a huge amount of natural light. The office is right in between Dalston Kingsland Station and Dalston Junction which makes it easy to get to and has plenty of lunch and after-work spots nearby. Features include:

– Onsite parking

– Bicycle storage

– High-speed Wifi connection

– Access at all hours

– Breakout areas and meeting rooms

See our Dalston Lane open plan offices for yourself by requesting a viewing today.


Open plan offices in Farringdon


Farringdon is becoming one of the most desirable areas for businesses seeking new office space. It offers large businesses as well as small start-ups a range of accessible and well priced offices with enviable locations. What’s more, Farringdon has great transport links making it accessible even during peak hours, ensuring that employees can get to work on time stress-free. In addition, Farringdon possesses good facilities with plenty of café culture opportunities – the perfect spot to host team meetings or have lunch with colleagues or clients. .

St John’s Jane – Farringdon


If you’re looking for a unique and vibrant office space to take your business to the next level, an open plan office in Farringdon might be the perfect option. With all the nearby amenities Farringdon has to offer, it’s never been easier to network with other professionals or build relationships with potential clients.

– Breakout areas

– Meeting rooms

– Communal pool table

– 24/7 access

– Phone booths

– Podcast room

– Dog friendly

See our Farringdon open plan offices for yourself by requesting a viewing today.


Ready to find your open plan office?

Open plan office spaces are an excellent option for businesses of all sizes. So whether you’re looking for your first office, looking to scale up your business or just looking for a better space, choosing an open plan office is a great choice. If you need a bit of inspiration for your open plan office space, check out our article on open plan office design ideas.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to request a viewing for any of our offices across London, drop us a line at, call us on (+44) 020 3900 0565, use our contact form or click “Request a viewing” on any of our office pages.


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At Canvas, we create homely offices for large & small teams. We include everything (meeting rooms too) with a simple, flexible contract.

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