Finding creative office space in London

Finding creative office space in London

If you’re looking for creative office spaces in London it’s fair to say you’ll be spoilt for choice. Today’s office to rent market offers many creative workspaces. Once known as media style offices, these offices are now popular with companies from all sectors. If you work for a creative company or if your team simply has the creative bone in their gene then read on and find out how to find the best offices for creative companies in London.

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How we define creative office spaces

Creative office space in Shoreditch with large communal area.

Coffee shop or office? Large communal lounge area for these office spaces in Shoreditch.


As you might expect, there is no set definition for what makes a creative office space. So if there’s no definition for the office itself, let’s look at creativity in the workspace and what can inspire it. An interesting explanation comes from John Cleese. He describes two modes at work, a closed and an open mode. The closed mode doesn’t leave room for being creative, while the open mode “…is a relaxed, expansive, less purposeful mode in which we are probably more contemplative. More inclined to humour, which always accompanies a wider perspective, and consequently more playful…”. So if we know that creativity thrives in the open mode, we should be looking for features in the workspace that inspire it.


Open plan offices – creative workspaces

Canvas team in shoreditch office


Sitting in a confined, small space for 8 hours is not a lot of fun. It’s also not very inspiring. Breaking down the physical barriers and separations in the workspace encourages the open mode. Working as a team in an open plan office inspires collaboration and a culture of transparency and mobility. It helps spread ideas, increases collaboration and stimulates creativity.


Creative office space designs

Large Office Space Shoreditch

Break out areas in the office encourage fresh thinking, relaxation and informal meeting and collaboration.


Dividing an office space into different areas creates variety during the workday and gives your team a choice of work styles. Beyond the obvious work desks, having a section of the office set as a break out area gives the opportunity to relax, change perspective or conduct informal meetings.


Creative office space decor

Canvas Offices - Office Space to rent London - Shoreditch High Street

Creative Shoreditch office space. We decorated and furnished it to feel like a home.


Some offices come complete with wall art, plants and stylish furnishing. If you cannot find an office that has these features, make sure your office provider allows you to hang pictures and make the necessary changes you want. Because we’ve found this is important to many companies, we actually customise the space for each company at no extra cost.


The benefits of having a cool office space in London


Quirky office spaces are more than just aesthetics. Don’t get us wrong, we love a cosy break out area as much as the next person. But creative and, indeed, cool office spaces are so much more than that. And can do wonders for the success of your business.

Picture this: you’ve got an interview at two very similar companies. The only difference is that one of them is based in a quirky office space in Shoreditch with a modern design, creative workspaces and fun artwork. And the other, a dreary building with grey carpets, plain white walls and office cubicles that look like a 90s throwback. It’s an easy decision. So be sure to choose a cool, Facebook-esque office space that every company talks about and everyone wants to work in.

Recruitment and retention go hand in hand. Not only will you be able to employ the best talent but you’ll also have a better chance of keeping them too. A win-win. Having an environment that’s enjoyable to be in for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week will help to keep recruiters and headhunters at bay.

Your office space is also a reflection of your company both internally to your staff and externally to clients and associates. In fact, one of the best ways to truly understand a company’s brand is to step inside their office. You’ll find out everything you need to know. From the overall team culture to what they value most as a business. Renting a cool office space in London says just that about your business.


Creative office space locations in London

Cool office space London - Mayfair

These newly refurbished creative offices in Mayfair have a cosy and homely feel.


What you’ll see every day around your office’s local area will make a big difference to you and your team. Try to choose an area the inspires you and will help attract and retain top talent to your company. Here are some of our favourite creative office spaces in London right now, with more details on each one in the next section:

1. 82 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, EC2

2. 189-190 Shoreditch High Street, E1

3. 27 Corsham Street, Old Street, N1

4. 35 Luke Street, Shoreditch, EC2

5. 57 Dalston Lane, Dalston, E8

6. 8 Albemarle Way, Clerkenwell, EC1

7. 53 Duke Street, Mayfair, W1

8. 6-7 St Johns Lane, Farringdon, EC1


Creative offices spaces in Shoreditch

Canvas Offices - Office Space to rent London - Rivington Street

82 Rivington Street break out area. The building offers creative office space in the heart of Shoreditch.


82 Rivington Street – Quirky, bright and fun spaces to work from

Canvas Offices - Office Space to rent London - Shoreditch High Street

Phone booths or focus booths in offices help you tune out and dive deep into high concentration mode.


Shoreditch is rightfully regarded as the hottest area for creative companies and fast-growing tech startups in London. If you’re looking to base your company in East London then Shoreditch is the place to be. There’s also a lot to do in the area outside work, an abundance of food joints and coffee shops. For companies looking for a creative workspace, we recommend checking out the private offices on 82 Rivington Street EC2A.

These private offices were designed with creative companies in mind. The lush communal area offers a quirky and cosy vibe. The offices themselves feature high ceilings, large windows and bright open plan spaces. Creative ideas often come up when you’re not at your desk. Being in Shoreditch will give you easy access to the Canvas family of buildings in the area. You’ll be able to sit and work in any communal area as well as book meeting rooms. If you like working in open plan spaces be sure to visit 82 Rivington Street corner of Shoreditch High Street.


189 -190 Shoreditch High Street – Offices that feel like a home

Finding creative office space in London - Shoreditch

These offices on Shoreditch High Street are redefining what it means to be at work.


The word office often paints a picture of a dull and soulless environment. We want our offices to change this image. The creative offices on Shoreditch High Street are full of light, life and soul. Your team will feel at home in this workspace. There’s an inviting mix of lounge and work that is ideal when you want to switch modes and reset your energies.

The location is insanely well connected. With plenty of eateries and coffee shops, this a wonderful space to spend your workdays in.


Creative offices spaces in Old Street

Old Street is the smartened up sibling of Shoreditch. Joined at the hip these two areas are arguably one. For the sake of definition, if your office is closer to Old Street station than Shoreditch High Street then you’re in Old Street. Old Street is anything but Old. It’s a fast-paced hub, often referred to as ‘silicon roundabout’ with a real buzz in the air. It tends to attract a lot of tech companies who rely on creative thinking to make a living while.


27 Corsham Street – Is this really an office space?

Creative office space near Old Street

This converted warehouse office building is tucked away on a quiet street close to Old Street Station.


We love walking into this building and we’re sure you would too. It’s close to the tube, hidden on a quiet side street and was originally a meat factory. We fell in love with the space when we saw it and converted it to warehouse-style offices. With cosy communal areas (that include a double bed!…) this space really redefines what being at work should be like. There’s a quirky mushroom feature on the ceiling, Sonos speakers in every room and a funky bathroom. If you spend your days here, you’ll enjoy the high ceilings, large windows and designer features. If you need a change of scenery, a 5-minute walk to St Marks square will give you access to more communal areas and meeting rooms as part of the service.


Office space near Old Street London

Office kitchen in Corsham Street office space near Old Street. Note double bed for those afternoon slumps.


35 Luke Street – Creativity meets tech city’s top office space

Canvas Offices - Office Space to rent London - Luke Street

The comfy furniture within this Luke Street office space will make you feel right at home.


King of lounge-style communal spaces and home to one of the best coffee machines known to mankind. Luke Street overlooks one of the only green spots in Old Street, St. Mark’s Square. Named after the beloved Saint who would have blended right in within Shoreditch, this is a little haven in the concrete Jungle of EC London.

Working from Luke Street you’ll enjoy the view of the square through large bright windows. You’ll have plenty of meeting rooms and plenty of quirky break out areas where you can sip a cuppa think outside the box.


St Marks Square Shoreditch

St Mark and the Shoreditch Square name after him. In the background, our office spaces on 35 Luke Street that overlook this lovely green spot


Creative offices spaces in Dalston

Canvas Offices - Office Space to rent London - Dalston

Bright and airy office space in East London’s Dalston Lane. This type of office is ideal for creative and dynamic work.


Dalston is today what Shoreditch was a few years ago. It’s full of creative types and the base for a growing number of young and established businesses. What’s more, Dalston sits on some pretty good transport links making it great value for money for creative companies who want to rent offices in East London. One of our favourite spots in Dalston is the All Press cafe on Dalston Lane. When the building next door became available, we had to get our hands on it.


57 Dalston Lane

Our office buildings are much like a family where each child has its own personality. 57 Dalston Lane is unique in its design and so are the office spaces inside it. A listed building, our designers had to work with the original features. If you’re into new meets old then this space is for you. You’ll love the open spaces, large entrance and impressive front with outside seating. If you’re looking for an office close to Shoreditch but not necessarily in Shoreditch be sure to checkout 57 Dalston Lane.

Office space Dalston, East London

We converted this stunning historical building in Dalston into light and airy office spaces.


Creative office spaces in Clerkenwell

Clerkenwell is one of central London’s best kept secrets. A neighbour to the City Of London, Holborn, Angel and Old Street the area is home to many startups and creative companies.


8 Albemarle Way

Canvas Offices - Office Space to rent London - Clerkenwell

8 Albemarle Way in Clerkenwell. One of the first office spaces we took and still one of our favourites.


Off St John’s Square, this is one of our first office buildings in the family. A converted townhouse with high ceilings and large windows it oozes character. We added our quirky design touches and the results speak for themselves. The office spaces are spread over four levels with a variety in sizes to suit different teams. Over the years we had plenty of startups and creative companies in the space.


Creative office spaces in Mayfair

Mayfair, which is part of London’s West End, is associated with luxury, heritage and high end fashion. The affluent area and its neighbour Marylebone are also home to some of the finer art galleries in London and the world.


411 Oxford Street and 52 Duke Street – Creative offices in London’s West End

Canvas Offices - Office Space to rent London - Mayfair

A private, creative office space smack bang in the centre of it all. Through the window, Selfridges and Oxford Street.


These two buildings are joined together internally. Externally they sit on one of the world’s most renowned shopping streets and overlook Selfridges. Inside, they are cosy, bright and inspiring. If you’re looking for a creative work environment in a prime location these offices might be the perfect base for your company. You’ll enjoy a well designed space with some unique features that are hard to find in the area. The Mayfair office space is popular with art, creative and tech companies. It’s a great London HQ space if you’re in other countries.

Canvas Offices - Office Space to rent London - Oxford Street

Get your creative juices flowing in these Mayfair office spaces, where traditional meets contemporary.

Creative office space in Farringdon

Cowcross Yards
Farringdon is fast becoming the darling of the London office scene. Its central location, top-notch transportation connections and vibrant community make it the perfect place for businesses looking to set up shop. The area is a bustling hub of activity, with a diverse array of restaurants, bars and shops providing endless options for employees to enjoy during their lunch breaks and after work.

The influx of creative and tech companies has created a dynamic and exciting community that businesses can be proud to be a part of. With plenty of modern and sleek office spaces, it’s no surprise that more and more companies are choosing to call Farringdon their home base.


6-7 St John’s Lane, Farringdon

Farringdon Office with Privacy Pods
There are few better places to be in Farringdon than St John’s Lane, as it’s a stone’s throw from Farringdon Station and the iconic Cow Cross Yard. It’s an ideal place for a massive range of businesses with tonnes of history and plenty of places for team lunches and client dinners.

But our Farringdon offices go way beyond just their location, and we’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do (if not more!). Every one of our Farringdon office spaces is bathed in natural light and comes with everything a modern business needs. From all-inclusive utilities, breakout areas and kitchens to a communal pool table. It’s also dog-friendly, so your team can bring their four-legged friends to work.


About Canvas Offices

We hope you’ve found this post useful. A bit about us. We design office spaces that feel like a home and help increase the creativity and productivity for the teams who work in them. At the time of writing, we rent out 12 office buildings in Shoreditch, Old Street, Mayfair, Farringdon, Dalston and Clerkenwell, all of which are almost always full. We’re also opening new office spaces in Highbury and Islington, Mayfair and Old Street. If you’d like to know more or enquire about renting an office in London, please get in touch and don’t forget to subscribe below.

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