What are the benefits of having an office with a breakout space?

What are the benefits of having an office with a breakout space?

Everyone who’s ever had an office job knows that your workspace has a huge impact on how you work. Is your team cramped into a tiny cubicle next to the photocopier all day? Or do they have space to move around and bat around ideas? Believe it or not, these seemingly small details can have a massive effect on your company, team and morale.

Breakout spaces are one of the key elements of modern office spaces and tonnes of businesses are eager to have breakout spaces for their team. Essentially a breakout space is an area for your team to get together to collaborate on new ideas, work on projects, relax or just work somewhere else in the office.

If you’re considering new office space in London and you’re wondering if your business should have a breakout space, we’re here to help. We’ve put together everything you need to know about breakout areas, including their benefits and how to find offices with them in London.

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Find Offices with Breakout Spaces For Rent in London

At Canvas, we have offices all over London with breakout spaces. We offer a range of layouts (including custom) with a simple, flexible contract.

What is an office breakout space?


Luke Street Office with breakout space

These spaces typically include comfortable seating, tables and chairs and may also have features like TVs, game consoles, and pool tables.


An office breakout space is a dedicated area within an office where employees can work together or take a break from their workstations.

The goal of an office breakout space is to provide employees with a place to work together or relax and recharge, which can help improve productivity and creativity. Breakout spaces are often located near the kitchen or cafeteria, as they tend to be places where people naturally gather.

But they can also be located in other office areas like near the lobby or entrance. Many companies are now incorporating breakout spaces into their office designs, providing a valuable amenity for employees.

The 5 Key Benefits of Office Breakout Spaces


1. Boosts employee well-being


Breakout space in Luke Street office

A breakout space is a great place for your team to relax and recharge on those busy days at the office.


Breakout areas in offices can help boost employee well-being by providing a space for them to take a break from their work or a different environment to work in. These areas can help reduce stress levels, promote creativity, and provide a place for employees to socialise and build relationships.

Plus, having a breakout area encourages your team to move around the office, which can hugely benefit your team’s health and even their life expectancy.

2. Encourages collaboration


Breakout spaces in London office

Creativity and collaboration are a crucial part of modern businesses. Breakout areas are perfect spaces for your staff to team up.


Breakout areas in the office can encourage collaboration between employees. By providing a space for employees to take a break from their workstations, breakout areas can foster a sense of community and creativity.

Employees are more likely to approach each other with new ideas when they feel relaxed and comfortable, and breakout areas can provide the perfect setting for this type of interaction.

3. Creates a relaxing environment


London office with breakout area

The working day is no longer about grinding out 8 hours at a desk. Giving your team a space to relax can work wonders for productivity.


The traditional office environment can be quite strict and formal. Breakout spaces can offer a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of the office. They provide a place to step away from work for a few minutes, take a break, and recharge.

This can lead to improved concentration and productivity when employees return to work.

4. Makes an additional working area


Luke Street with break out space for working


With many businesses adopting hybrid working, it can be tough to keep track of who will be in the office. Occasionally, you might find that you’ve not got the desk space for everyone working. If you have a breakout area, you’ll be able to let your team work from there.

But even if there are enough desks, your team can use the space to have a change of scenery and work from a different area.

Plus, you can use the space for meetings with potential clients and new hires. The more relaxed atmosphere might be the perfect way to show them what it’s really like to work with or for your business.

5. Reduces distractions in desk areas


Shoreditch office with breakout space

Giving your team a breakout to discuss ideas encourages collaboration but it also reduces distractions for the rest of your team.


Many office spaces are designed to promote productivity, but several potential distractions can stop your team from getting their tasks done. The biggest distraction is noise, whether from phones ringing or co-workers chatting.

By having an office breakout space, your team has somewhere they can go to chat and discuss their work without distracting other team members.

Finding London offices with breakout spaces

As you can see, breakout spaces are a great way to encourage creativity and collaboration in the workplace. But not every office in London offers breakout spaces. If you’re eager to have a breakout space in your next office, we’ve put together some of the best offices with breakout areas in London:

Offices with breakout spaces in Shoreditch – Luke Street


Luke Street offices with breakout space

Our offices in Shoreditch have been designed by expert interior designers and have outstanding breakout spaces.


Located in the heart of Shoreditch, our Luke Street private offices are just a few minutes walk from Old Street, Liverpool Street and Moorgate stations. The open-plan offices overlook Mark Street Gardens, a rare green space in the heart of the city. With easy access to the City and a variety of transport links, these offices are perfect for businesses looking for a central location.

The office building benefits from 24-hour access, high-speed internet and a range of amenities, including meeting rooms and break-out areas. These serviced offices are an ideal base for your business with everything you need for a comfortable and productive working environment.

Offices with breakout spaces in Mayfair – Binney Street


Mayfair offices with breakout spaces

Our offices in Mayfair have breakout spaces that will make your team feel right at home and comfortable enough to get creative.


Situated in the heart of London’s West End, this beautifully converted office building offers bright and spacious private offices with stunning period features. Like the offices in Shoreditch, these Mayfair offices are accessible 24 hours a day and come with meeting rooms and breakout areas.

The central location of this office space is just minutes away from Bond Street station, and it’s close to Oxford Street with excellent views towards Binney St. The large sash windows make for a bright environment that overlooks Mayfair, one of London’s most iconic areas.

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