Why Collaborative Office Space in London is More Important Than Ever

Why Collaborative Office Space in London is More Important Than Ever

The last few years have changed a lot in the business world, nowhere more so than offices and places we work. The old idea of an office being just a place to get work done is disappearing. Many of the things that used to be done in an office can now be done from home. But that doesn’t mean that offices are disappearing. In fact, they’re adapting to fit the needs of a modern business.

Having a collaborative office space is about so much more than just desks for your team to work at. It’s a space that encourages creativity and collaboration and makes your team want to come to the office and get together. Collaborative office space can help businesses boost productivity, cut costs and create a positive company culture. To help you understand why collaborative office space in London is more important than ever, we’ve put together this brief guide.

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What makes for a good Collaborative Office Space?

London office spaces for team collaboration

A office space design and layout can influence how your work and collaborate.


Recently, businesses have been moving towards modern, less rigid office workspaces that don’t restrict their teams. Instead, they’re finding ways to encourage creativity and collaboration through a combination of in-office and remote working.

A collaborative office space is more of a model than a set-in-stone design. Its purpose is to bring a team together to collaborate and develop new and creative ideas. They’re excellent for allowing team members to have flexible work arrangements, creating areas for ideation and making the office a more comfortable place to work.

Features of a Collaborative Office


Modern designs

When most people think about office space in London, it tends to be corporate, grey and, let’s face it, boring. It’s hardly the sort of place to inspire groundbreaking ideas or give you the get-up and go for a morning commute.

One of the most common elements of collaborative office space is its design. More often than not, they look like somewhere you would like to work. They’re usually open and bright with modern furniture (not just desks and chairs), house plants and plenty of natural light. These features not only help to make the space more inviting for your team and clients, but they can also help boost productivity.

Breakout areas and meeting rooms

Offices with break out areas and meeting rooms in London

Some London offices come with private meeting rooms or access to communal meeting rooms.

Sitting in one place for eight hours a day is proven to lower productivity and enthusiasm. Plus, it doesn’t do wonders for your posture. Most collaborative offices have breakout areas and meeting rooms so that your team can get together in a different area to go over new ideas, get a project over the line or just have a change of scenery.

Hot desks for hybrid teams

It wasn’t that long ago that everybody who worked in an office would have an assigned desk that would rarely change. With hybrid working and different team members in the office, hot desks make far more sense. Hot desks are simply desks that anybody on your team can use when in the office.

24/7 access office spaces

With the number of people working from home rising in the last couple of years, many workers found that they’re not always the most productive during the traditional business hours. Many modern serviced offices have 24/7 access that means your team can work when they’re at their best. Having round-the-clock access also means that if your team ever want to stay late to finish a project or hammer out the details of an idea, they don’t need to worry about the lights being turned off.

The benefits of collaborative office space

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The right office environment can draw your team in and inspire good collaboration.


Entice your team back to the office

One of the most common questions employees have when they’re asked to return to the office is “why?”. With everyone experiencing remote working, convincing your team to come to the office when they can do their job from home can be tricky — but having your team in the office, at least some of the time, can help your business grow.

Collaborative office spaces allow your team to work together in a pleasant space and provide an alternative to hours alone and seemingly endless Zoom calls. It allows them to collaborate easily without constant shouts of “you’re on mute” or dodgy internet connections and build genuine working relationships and friendships.

Downsize and upscale the office

Small office spaces near Bond Street central London

Renting a smaller office in London doesn’t mean compromising on the qualities of the space.

If your entire team works at the office, you need a large office with many desks. Before remote working became common, this was the standard across a range of industries. But, with hybrid collaborative office spaces, you can downsize without needing to lay anybody off or compromise on your office quality – if anything, you can improve it.

Good office space in London often comes at a premium, and downsizing your office size lets you save on lease costs. You can use the money to perfect your collaborative office space and reinvest in your business for future growth. Plus, most modern offices have flexible leases that allow for expansion should you need a larger office later.

Improve your company culture and brand image

Great office spaces in Shoreditch, East London

One of our office spaces in Shoreditch, London.

By creating a space designed for collaboration and allowing your staff to work flexibly, you can create a positive company culture. While this undoubtedly benefits your team, it’s also a massive boost for your business. There is a lot of evidence to show that it allows you to attract better talent and potential clients.

By creating a positive company culture of collaboration and flexibility, your team will be far happier in their roles. Multiple studies show that satisfied employees are more productive and far less likely to look for a new job.

Collaborative office spaces at Canvas Offices London

At Canvas offices, we have a range of collaborative office spaces in London. Our offices are specifically designed for the modern workforce with a typical set-up of 70% desks and 30% collaborative spaces with soft furnishing. We’re always happy to adapt spaces to your needs.

Get in touch today if you’d like to view any of our offices in Mayfair, Shoreditch, Old Street, Farringdon, Clerkenwell or Dalston. All of our offices come with access to meeting rooms across London and are purpose-built creative workspaces perfect as a hybrid team HQ.

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