Finding small office space for rent in London

Finding small office space for rent in London

There are many things to consider when looking for your next office space in London. You’ll no doubt be looking for a practical and flexible workspace that allows your team to work together productively. You’ll also want to feel pride in the space you spend time in, meet clients or bring in a candidate when you’re recruiting. Finding an office that meets your needs and your budget doesn’t have to be a tricky task, especially with our help! A popular solution is opting for a small office space. We’ll explore your options in this article. Small offices for rent can range from 4-40 people, which shows just how much potential these spaces have for growth. Depending on where you’ve previously been based, a small office feel a little smaller than you’re used to, however, it’s worth noting how many team members will be present daily and how many will be working remotely. It’s important to consider your capacity requirements from the outset to ensure that you can allow for each team member to have a desk, for social distancing regulations – and for growth.

If you’re used to a shared an office in or rented desks, a private small office can feel like a step up. Change can be a good thing, and opting for an office that brings your team together can have many benefits in the long run.

The benefits of small office spaces in London

design led office space

This office space in Clerkenwell is split between two floors and can house one or two companies.


Small office spaces – A cost effective solution

Smaller offices in London will generally be more affordable to rent than larger offices in the same area. Depending on how your company has adapted to social distancing it might make sense to rent a small office as a base. The office can be used as space for collaboration if teams are combining work from home and office based shifts.

It helps to plan your use of space with the optimal floor configuration for team members and desks. Our bespoke service allows clients to arrange the office to their needs, creating the optimal, cost effective solution for companies.

Renting several small offices – Splitting teams into separate office spaces

Renting small office spaces in Mayfair London

You might have been working in large open plan office spaces for many years. While we’re still seeing a demand for large offices we are also seeing a rise in demand for small offices. Often this comes from large companies with a request for several private offices in the same building or area.

Splitting your team into separate private offices offers several advantages. In terms of risk, there is an element of mitigation as each team member is only exposed to a small bubble of colleagues. If there was a case of infection in the company it could be contained within a smaller group of people reducing the risk to others and the company as a whole. By renting several offices close to one another you’re allowing connectivity and collaboration within the company when it’s needed without isolating teams from each other.

Renting a small office instead of renting desks in a shared space

Canvas Offices - Office Space to rent London - Clerkenwell

As with the guidance that renting several small offices and splitting teams into separate office spaces, the same rules can be applied when deciding between a small office space and renting desks in a coworking space. While coworking spaces will feel larger, they potentially pose higher risk to your team.

By reducing the number of interactions with people and surfaces outside of your workspace, you’re also lowering the chances of exposure to illness. Creating these bubbles has been essential to the government’s strategy to seeing us through these times with as little risk to ourselves and others as possible. Much can be learned from this in the way that we approach our office spaces.

Combining work from home with office based work

It’s no secret that the UK lockdown has fast tracked the WFH trend in all types of companies. If you’re planning on retaining some remote work, even as the lockdown eases, you’re probably looking at fewer people in the office and you might also require less space than before.

Small, flexible office spaces can give you room for teamwork and collaboration when you need it while saving you the costs associated with large commercial properties. Fast broadband speeds will mean you can easily connect from your office with teams and clients wherever they are working from.

What to look for in a small office space

Canvas Offices - Office Space to rent London - Brick Lane

A central and accessible office location

One of the first things you’ll look for is an office that is easy to reach. It’s worth exploring locations with strong transport links and a variety of transport options. Where possible, it’s also worth encouraging your team members to cycle, with additional provisions by the government and transport services to make it easier to do so. Our office spaces in Shoreditch, for example, are at the heart of a cyclists hotspot with a number of cycle lanes and crossings to ensure safety. Renting a small office in key areas like Mayfair or Shoreditch can also be an affordable way of retaining a footprint in central London.

Another benefit of a centrally located office is the access to a plethora of local amenities – including food markets and stalls, restaurants and bars – as well as outside spaces. Each of our locations sit at the heart of some fantastic amenities, ensuring that essential work-life balance we all aim for.

Fast and reliable broadband connection in offices Excellent WiFi

With less meetings happening in person, either within teams or with clients, it’s important to ensure that the WiFi meets your needs. An ultra fast connection has become a basic need for most businesses, and something we can often overlook when finding our next office space to rent. Ensure when you’re identifying your office space, that you ask about network speeds and test it for yourself where possible.

Inspiring office design

Canvas Offices - Office Space to rent London - Bond Street

Let’s face it, your office space should inspire you, especially when you have the option to work from home. Giving your office character and allowing it to be a visual representation of all that you stand for, will help to allow your team members to understand who they’re working for – and what they’re working towards.

We’ll often develop bespoke office spaces for our clients to fulfil their needs. Here are a few design additions to consider:

Privacy pods

Shoreditch office space with focus booths

These are fantastic for allowing team members to take personal or private calls, and for those moments when they really need to knuckle down and focus on a pressing deadline. They’re also a great tool to break up an open plan office, allowing for a balance of space, transparency and privacy.

Break out spaces

Break out spaces are great for hosting informal meetings, as well as taking a break from the desk. These can be styled in a number of ways and include a wide collection of furniture. Some opt for sofas, while others love the change and comfort of bean bags.

Home from home

Small office space for rent

Many of us love coming into the office, for the company and the discipline. What we might miss however, is the feeling of home. This feeling and level of comfort can be replicated throughout your office space through the use of sofas, plants, artwork and soft furnishings.

Meeting rooms 

For an ultimate ideation session, you might want to consider the use of white boards. For team members working remotely, there are a number of digital alternatives available to allow for collaboration for colleagues in and out of the office. By offering meeting spaces with large screens, you allow for your teams to have ultimate flexibility in the types of meetings they’re able to hold.

Desk alternatives

Canvas Offices - Office Space to rent London - Shoreditch High Street

When you’re in the office all day, you might want to move around a bit to keep the juices flowing. Offering a number of different work surfaces throughout your office space offers an alternative to your employees. Standing for some of the working day or working from a different part of the office will do wonders to productivity. Consider an adaptable standing desk, as well as looking at putting in a breakfast and lunch area for example. This space can then also be used during lunch breaks and small impromptu meetings.

The perks of opting for one of our office spaces is the flexibility they offer. If you’re a startup, having a flexible office lease allows for growth and the changing demands of your business. As your business model grows, so will your expectations and needs for your office space. Offices for startups are widely desired now, because of the agile manner in which the teams work and the businesses grow.

There are a great number of considerations that come into play when looking for your next small office space to rent in London. Use this list as a quick reference guide when conducting your search – and feel free to reach out if you’d like to know how we can help you.

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