Finding startup office space in Mayfair and The West End

Finding startup office space in Mayfair and The West End

Mayfair and the West End are renowned for their grandeur. The areas have been synonymous with affluence since the 18th century with their large, Victorian and Georgian buildings and aristocratic roots. Likewise, today it’s associated with wealth and luxury. So, startup office space in Mayfair may not seem like an obvious choice. But at the heart of the area, beyond the big, beautiful buildings and prestigious shops, there has always been space for new and growing businesses.

The area’s name comes from the annual “May Fair” and market that started in the 17th century and was a hub of trade and commerce. In more recent times, Mayfair and the West End have become booming areas for businesses in several industries and of all sizes — including startups.

If you’re looking for a rundown on the benefits of startup office space in the area, other businesses (and potential competitors) nearby and how to find affordable offices in Mayfair, we’ve put together this guide on finding startup office space in Mayfair.

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The benefits of startup office space in Mayfair and the West End

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There are many reasons why Mayfair is such a popular area for startup office space.


London is full of great workspaces, so why pick Mayfair for your office space? You’re probably wondering if there are better office rental options in London or perhaps even if you need an office space at all. But getting the right startup office space is vital for your business, as your workspace will be a reflection of your company and your brand.

Potential clients and customers will see your office and make snap judgements on your business that can quickly impact their decision to hire you or buy your products. Office layout, design and facilities all play a part, but your office’s location is crucial, and there are few locations in London better than Mayfair.


A recognisable postcode – the benefits of startup office space in Mayfair

Startup office space in Mayfair and the West End

A W1 postcode says a lot about your business.


Mayfair is known globally for its associations with luxury, which can do wonders for your startup’s reputation. By setting your business up with a W1 postcode, you announce yourself as a contender and clients and customers will see your location as both an indicator of your success and your startup’s ambition. This can help:

– Impress clients

– Position your startup

– Win new clients and business

– Attract investment


Unrivalled travel links – the benefits of startup office space in Mayfair

Startup office space Mayfair and the West End - Travel Links

You and your team will be spoilt for choice when it comes to transport links into and out of the West End.


Renting a startup office space goes beyond having an impressive postcode on your website, business cards and marketing materials. It needs to be a space that you and your team can get to quickly and from all over London.

Mayfair and the West End are serviced by unrivalled travel links, especially with Bond Street station’s Crossrail development. There are few places in London better served by transport links with several underground stations all within walking distance, including:

– Green Park

– Marble Arch

– Bond Street

– Oxford Circus

– Marylebone

– Hyde Park Corner

The area also has plenty of bus stops. Heathrow is just over half an hour away, which can be a massive benefit if you travel internationally for business or have international clients.


Perfect for client entertainment and accommodation – the benefits of startup office space in Mayfair

Startup office space in Mayfair and the West End - entertainment

Entertain your clients and team in some of the best restaurants in London. Pictured: Hélène Darroze at The Connaught.


Keeping your customers and clients satisfied often goes well beyond consistently good performance in the office; a lot of it comes down to your client’s out-of-office experience. Having an office space in Mayfair puts you right in the heart of London and gives you access to incredible places to entertain your clients and great hotels to accommodate them.

While Mayfair has 16 Michelin star restaurants like Le Gavroche, Benares and Hélène Darroze at The Connaught (which has three Michelin stars), it’s also got a long list of more budget-friendly eateries that will impress clients almost as much. From Italian to Japanese, Spanish to Persian, there’s food from everywhere and for every occasion.

Mayfair is also close to plenty of green spaces and parks like Green Park, Hanover Square and Hyde Park. It’s also renowned for its impressive range of shopping options from Fortnum and Mason to smaller boutiques in near Soho.

As well as endless options for keeping your clients happy and entertained, Mayfair is also perfect for after-work drinks, nights out and lunches to reward your hard-working team.


Industries and businesses that thrive in Mayfair and the West End

Canvas Offices - Office Space to rent London - Mayfair

Mayfair is home to an eclectic mix of businesses and startups from different industries.


Business and commerce have been at the heart of Mayfair for centuries, and today is no different. The area is a hub of thriving businesses of all sizes and in a variety of industries.

Mayfair is mainly known for its high-end retail businesses and venture capital, including capital partners and firms such as:

– AP Ventures LLP on Old Bond Street

– Strive Capital on Berkeley Street

– Eos Ventures on Lansdowne House

– Cabot Global Investments on Sackville Street

But while the area is known for its high-end retail and venture capital, it’s also a hub for jewellery, art and design and a long list of international embassies. And there’s an increasing number of smaller firms and startups moving to the area due to the availability and affordability of serviced office space, and the opportunity to be surrounded by businesses from their industry.


Fashion and beauty – industries that thrive in Mayfair

Startup office space Mayfair - Industries and businesses that thrive in Mayfair

Mayfair is home to endless luxury fashion and beauty brands, both big and small.


Mayfair is one of London’s most exclusive shopping destinations. Huge brands like Louis Vuitton, Victoria’s Secret and Ralph Lauren all have flagship stores in the area. But the area is also home to smaller fashion designers, such as:

– Boudi Fashion on Molton Street

– ERDEM on Audley Street

– JOSEPH on Shepherd Market

– Roksanda on Mount Street

– Canali Boutique on New Bond Street


Jewellery – industries that thrive in Mayfair

Startup office space in Mayfair and the West End - jewellery brands

There’s no shortage of fine watch and jewellery boutiques in Burlington Arcade.


Jewellery trading has been a significant part of Mayfair’s long history and it’s home to many jewellers, both new and long-established. Mayfair is home to:

– Hancock & Co. Ltd on Burlington Arcade

– Savvy + Sand on New Bond Street

– Ingle and Rhode on Gee’s Court

– Heming London on Burlington Arcade

– Fenton & Co on Duke Street


Art and design – industries that thrive in Mayfair

Startup office space the West End and Mayfair - Art and Design industries

Creative startups will feel right at home and inspired within Mayfair and the West End.


Mayfair has some of the best art galleries and dealers in the UK. Every year, there is a wide variety of exhibitions with art that spans from the 16th century to the contemporary. Galleries include:

– Waterhouse & Dodd on Savile Row

– Delahunty Fine Art on Bruton Street

– Antoine Simon Fine Art on Regent Street

– John Martin Gallery on Albemarle Street

– The Mayor Gallery on Cork Street


Government – industries that thrive in Mayfair

Mayfair’s Central London location and prestigious reputation has attracted a considerable number of international embassies to the area, such as:

– Argentina

– Egypt

– Belgium

– Italy

– Mexico


The locality of the embassies means that by having office space in Mayfair, you’ll have access to a variety of potential international clients.


Finding startup office space in Mayfair and the West End

Mayfair offices for rent

There are opportunities for good value offices in Mayfair, without compromising on style. Pictured: Canvas offices near Bond Street, Mayfair.


With all of the high-end businesses, you would assume that finding office space in Mayfair would be difficult and expensive. But it can be surprisingly more affordable than you’d expect.

There are several different office types available in the area:

– Shared office space

– Private office space

Serviced office space

While shared office spaces might seem like the cheaper, safer choice, serviced office spaces are increasingly popular with startups as they offer all the benefits of private office space for a fraction of the price. But before you choose an office type, you need to consider what you, and your business, need from an office…

One of the best ways to determine what office space you need is to assess your needs and find an office space that satisfies as many as possible. With so many businesses looking for office space, there’s a lot of competition for great spaces, so knowing exactly what you’re looking for can help you narrow down your search and find a space that suits your startup.


Office size

Canvas Offices - Office Space to rent London - Mayfair

Office size is an important consideration for flexible and hybrid teams.


Undoubtedly something you will have already considered is the size of the office your business needs. But some critical considerations for choosing the size of your new offices are:

– Do you have a hybrid and flexible team with a mixture of both office-based and remote teams?

– If so, how many people will be using the office regularly?

– How many desks will be needed for you and your staff?

– Do you need any hotdesks for flexible working?

It’s also worth considering how your team works best. Do they work better in a communal space, or do they each need a space to get their heads down when deadlines are approaching? Or both?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be able to work out the size of the office you need. While it might be tempting to go for something larger, there are a lot of benefits to finding smaller offices in London.



Mayfair offices for rent

24/7 access to your startup office space is crucial for flexible teams.


Increasingly, businesses and startups are moving away from the traditional nine to five office hours. By offering flexible office hours, you can provide your team with the chance to miss the rush hour commute saving them money and stress and allow your team to work when they’re most productive.

If your startup has flexible hours, you’ll need an office space accessible at all hours or at least available beyond traditional business hours.


Lease length and flexibility

If you’re a startup or small business with dreams of rapid growth, a long lease can be a quick way to stunt your growth. Being caught in a long contract and waiting to expand your business can be frustrating and can damage your business.

Finding a flexible office space lease for your startup allows flexibility with your lease length and enables you to amend your original agreement. You may also have the option to flex the space or move to a larger office space, without needing to sever contracts.


Meeting rooms and breakout spaces

Canvas Offices - Office Space to rent London - Mayfair

Stepping away from your desk and into a breakout area can spark creative ideas.


Many offices now offer tremendous flexibility in the space layout to allow their team to work in the best possible way. Many also provide meeting rooms for private chats, catch-ups and client meetings and breakout spaces to brainstorm new ideas with the team. Breakout spaces are usually comfortable areas where your team can throw ideas around and relax on those long days in the office.


WiFi connection

You might assume that a good internet connection is a given for office space but when you’re looking for new office space, be sure to check potential internet speeds. Few industries can go without high-speed internet in today’s day and age.


Ready to find your startup office space in Mayfair and the West End?

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Now to find an office space that’s right for you and your business!


Finding your next office space in Mayfair and the West End is a significant and exciting step for any business, regardless of size. There are fantastic options for startup office space in Mayfair that allow companies to enjoy the benefits of the area for affordable prices. All that’s left for you to do is get out there, view some offices and make Mayfair your new HQ.


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