The best areas for London office space

The best areas for London office space

There are few better cities to base your business than London. It’s got everything businesses of all sizes need — a huge market, top-notch travel links, a massive talent pool…

We could go on.

But while choosing to have office space in London is an easy decision, choosing a specific area of London can be a bit trickier. The challenge isn’t finding a good location — it’s picking one area from so many great spots. From the Tech hubs of Shoreditch and Old Street to the sophistication of Mayfair, each area of London’s got its own identity and benefits.

If you’re on the lookout for office space in London, but you’re not sure where is best for your business, you’re in the right place. This guide is designed to walk you through the best areas for London office space, giving you everything you need to know and insights into what makes each area stand out.

Plus, we’ve also included some handy tips for working out which area is best for you. Ready to find the best area in London for your business?


Best areas for London offices — Shoreditch

We’re kicking off our list with Shoreditch in East London. Shoreditch is a popular area for businesses and the public as it’s a lively area known for its innovative spirit. It’s a top choice for creative and tech businesses and has a thriving tech community.

But it’s not all tech. Shoreditch is home to a pretty diverse business community and has the office spaces to meet the demand. Whether you’re looking for flexible office space in Shoreditch, something more traditional or a co-working space, you’ll definitely find somewhere that suits your needs.

Reasons to choose office space in Shoreditch:

    • – Join a community of innovative startups and creatives.
    • – Find an office space that fits your needs and style with a massive variety of office spaces available
    • – Make the most of networking opportunities at local industry events and meetups
    • – Enjoy the independent spirit of Shoreditch at fantastic cafes, restaurants and bars that are perfect for client meetings and post-work drinks.


Find office space in Shoreditch

Old Street

Best areas for London offices — Old Street

Just up the road from Shoreditch is the real tech centre of London — Old Street, aka Silicon Roundabout. While Shoreditch is known for its Tech startups, Old Street is where it all started.

The area is a magnet for both startups and tech titans, and is a bit of a petri dish of tech growth and entrepreneurial spirit. If your business is all about innovation, office space near Old Street should definitely be on your radar.

Reasons to choose office space in Old Street:

    • – Put your business in the company of leading tech firms and digital innovators
    • – Find flexible office solutions that cater to your evolving needs
    • – Attend tech-focused events and meetups and find chances for collaboration.
    • – Find the perfect work-life balance with cafes, eateries, and entertainment options, perfect for unwinding after work.


Find office space in Old Street


Best areas for London offices — Dalston

Not far from Old Street and Shoreditch is Dalston, which is another thriving area of East London. The area is known for its culture and artistic flair and is becoming a hot spot for a range of businesses in different sectors. Like its East-London neighbours, Dalston is a go-to area for tech startups, creatives and independent businesses.

It’s no surprise that Dalston is popular as it’s got an eclectic mix of music venues, loads of restaurants, and a thriving arts scene, making it a lively place for businesses. Plus, a lot of office spaces in Dalston are modern, affordable and flexible.

Reasons to choose office space in Dalston:

    • – Become part of a growing creative and innovative community
    • – Find an office space that suits your business with a wide range of offices, from repurposed warehouses to modern spaces and everything in between
    • – Be right in the heart of a vibrant music and art scene, enjoying plenty of delicious food from local restaurants
    • – Get to and from the office easily with good transport links nearby


Find office space in Dalston


Like a lot of London, Farringdon is a bit of a melting pot of old and new. The area combines historic charm with modern business facilities and is an increasingly popular choice for a massive range of businesses.

It’s got a mix of traditional and contemporary office spaces, a growing business community, and a lively social scene. It’s also now one of the best-connected areas in London thanks to the new Elizabeth line.

Reasons to choose office space in Farringdon:

    • – Work in the unique architecture of Farringdon with a blend of historic buildings and contemporary offices
    • – Be part of Farringdon’s growing business district that’s attracting a diverse mix of companies
    • – Get stuck into the social scene with loads of eateries and pubs, along with the iconic Smithfield Market.
    • – Make your commute a doddle with access to Farringdon’s excellent transport options


Find office space in Farringdon. 


Clerkenwell is known for its creative atmosphere, making it a top choice for businesses in design and the arts (but not exclusively). The area boasts a long history in craft and design and is still home to numerous design studios and creative firms.

The area has a wide range of cool office spaces, from stylish loft conversions to modern spaces. Clerkenwell also hosts a lot of events, adding to its appeal for businesses looking for a creative environment.

Reasons to choose office space in Clerkenwell:

    • – Join Clerkenwell’s creative community of design studios, architects and other creatives
    • – Find office spaces that match your style with everything from historical buildings to innovative, flexible spaces.
    • – Get involved in Clerkenwell Design Week and explore local galleries for inspiration.
    • – Have everything within easy reach with great transport links


Find office space in Clerkenwell


Best areas for London offices — Holborn

Holborn is right between the West End and the City and has a pretty unique mix of history and a busy business scene. It’s popular with a range of industries, including legal firms, publishing houses, and other professional services.

The area features a range of office spaces, from classic Victorian buildings to contemporary developments. It’s also home to cultural institutions, a fantastic food scene, and decent transport links, making it a good choice for businesses.

Reasons to choose office space in Holborn:

    • – Put your business in a central hub for legal and professional services
    • – Choose from a variety of office spaces, including elegant period buildings and more contemporary offices.
    • – Entertain clients with the brilliant variety of restaurants and places to eat.
    • – Make getting to work a breeze with good transport links


Find office space in Holborn


Best areas for London offices — Mayfair

Mayfair is one of London’s most prestigious areas, and it’s known for luxury and exclusivity. It’s an ideal setting for businesses that value a high-profile location and first-class local amenities.

Mayfair is home to a range of businesses and offers flexible office spaces in impressive buildings. The area is also renowned for its world-class dining, exclusive clubs, and cultural richness, making it perfect for any businesses that want to wow clients.

Reasons to choose office space in Mayfair:

    • – Surround yourself with high-profile companies in a range of different industries
    • – Find offices that suit your business, budget and brand
    • – Treat yourself with Mayfair’s next-level luxury and impress clients like never before.
    • – Make connections in the arts, fashion, and luxury sectors.


Find office space in Mayfair

How to find the best area in London for your business

How to find the best area in London for your business
Picking the right spot in London for your office isn’t always straightforward. Each area has its own vibe, business scene, and lifestyle perks, making it tough to choose.

But don’t worry.

Here are some straightforward tips to help you nail down the best spot for your business in London:

  • – Get clear on what your business really needs. Think about what’s crucial for your business. Is it a tech community, creative energy, or something else? Pinning down what makes your business tick will help point you to the right area.


  • – Think about your team’s commute. No one likes a rough commute. Look into how easy it is to get to different areas and what the transport links are like. Happy team, happy life!


  • – Check out the local scene. It’s not all work, work, work. See what each area has to offer in terms of food, fun, and after-work hangout spots. A good local scene can make a big difference to your team’s day-to-day.


  • – Keep an eye out for networking opportunities. Some areas are buzzing with industry events and chances to connect. If that’s your jam, make sure you’re where the action is.


    • – Plan with the future in mind. Think about where your business is heading. You’ll want a spot that supports your growth and doesn’t feel cramped as you grow.


By following these tips and exploring different areas, you’ll be able to find an office space in London that hits the spot for your business.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your search, we’re here to help. At Canvas Offices, we do everything we can to help businesses find office spaces that work for them. We have flexible office spaces available in seven areas around London, and they come fully equipped with everything you need:

    • – High-speed leased-line internet
    • – Wifi access
    • – All utilities included
    • – Breakout areas
    • – Kitchens
    • – Meeting rooms


Find your new office today by exploring our office spaces in London. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch, and we’ll do everything we can to help. 

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