Why are so many companies looking to rent office space in Mayfair?

Why are so many companies looking to rent office space in Mayfair?

Since its transformation from a rural field into the most desirable postcode in London at the turn of the 18th century, high-end real estate and office space in Mayfair (named for its annual May Fair) has been in high demand. 

In fact, you only need to have landed your little dog on Mayfair in Monopoly to realise just how pricey the area can be. And just like in Monopoly, businesses are scrambling to get office space in Mayfair. But with office space at a premium all around London, why are so many companies picking one of the most expensive areas for their offices?

Beyond that, why are some companies willing to pay £500 per square foot for an office with gold toilets? (True story and spoiler alert: the answer probably has a lot to do with the fact you’ll be in the company of JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.)

In this article, we’ll break down why so many companies are flocking to the area. Why your team would love it there. And, most importantly, whether there are affordable, gold-toilet-free office spaces for businesses like yours.


Why are offices in Mayfair so popular?

Why are so many companies looking to rent office space in Mayfair?

Mayfair oozes sophistication and these newly refurbished offices in the area are no exception.


While Monopoly may have cemented the area’s reputation, Mayfair’s been synonymous with prestige for hundreds of years. It was one of the first areas of London to feature impressive Georgian architecture. And it’s been home to the royal family and a long list of influential names from Handel to Hendrix. 

But it’s not just the history, glamorous hotels and exquisite restaurants that give the area its prestige. The area is stacked with big businesses with offices in Mayfair, such as Bloomberg, Sky and Barclays. And that’s just naming a few. 

There are hundreds of big investment banking and asset management companies in the area alongside some slightly smaller companies like Amazon, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and McDonald’s. By securing office space in Mayfair, you can put your business in the same league as these huge businesses, which will instantly impress potential clients. 

The area is also home to a thriving community of startups from just about every sector. This creates an ideal environment to establish, grow and nurture a business.

But beyond helping to establish your business’s reputation and impressing clients, Mayfair has a lot to offer you and your team. 

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Eating and drinking after work in Mayfair

Canvas Offices - Office Space to rent London - Mayfair

You and your team can enjoy eating out at a different restaurant every night.


Mayfair is home to some of the best restaurants in London and has 16 Michelin star venues — the most in any part of London. From Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester with their bright dishes, bold flavours and irresistible rum baba. To Hakkasan with their modern Cantonese cuisine and creative cocktails. Mayfair is a culinary hotspot. So it’s the perfect — if not best — spot in London to wine and dine clients and treat yourself to an unforgettable restaurant experience. 

But let’s face it, you’re hardly going to be popping into Le Gavroche or Benares for lunch every day. Fortunately, there are plenty of places around Mayfair that you don’t need to have completed a Duolingo course to pronounce or remortgage your house to afford. 

On top of the usual places to grab a meal deal and a coffee on your lunch break, there are many places to get lunch, treat your team or impress a client with dinner without breaking the bank. Plus, there’s a heap of different cuisines available from Italian to Persian, Greek to Japanese, Spanish to Scandinavian. (Rumour has it that the food at Sabor is life-changingly good.) 

Mayfair is also home to plenty of places for you and your team to get together after work. From classic pubs like The Audley that dates back to 1127. To Mr Fogg’s Residence, a classy cocktail bar in the home of the eccentric adventurer Phileas J Fogg. 


Parks, green spaces and places to exercise in Mayfair

Why are so many companies looking to rent office space in Mayfair? - Green spaces near Mayfair - Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the perfect spot to enjoy lunch in the summer and a quick run before your afternoon meetings.


Recent studies have shown that spending just 20 minutes in nature can drastically reduce stress levels, and Mayfair is full of beautiful green spaces and gardens that are perfect for a lunchtime stroll. Wherever your office is in Mayfair, there’s bound to be a park or garden closeby: 

Hanover Square: This green space close to Bond Street has recently undergone a revival with new public artwork, trees and plenty of room to sit and relax.

Grosvenor Square: The second largest square in London, is the perfect place to escape the office. Dating back to 1726, you can enjoy a relaxing stroll across the lawns and between the statues.

Brown Hart Gardens: About a five-minute walk from New Bond Street, this raised terrace built in 1906 has a cafe, plenty of seating and a beautiful garden.

Green Park: Relax like a royal in this ample green space next to Buckingham Palace with plenty of open space, fountain, memorials and statues.

Hyde Park: If you’re looking to dip your toes on your lunch break, Hyde Park has plenty of options with fountains and the Serpentine. There’s also tennis courts and horse riding available and always some lively conversations in Speaker’s Corner. 

If you’re looking for somewhere to work out on your lunch break or after work, you can’t beat Mayfair for its health and fitness facilities. With a variety of gyms and spas (the one at Claridge’s Hotel is incredible). As well as celebrity dance classes. 


Shopping in Mayfair

Why are so many companies looking to rent office space in Mayfair? - Shopping in Mayfair

There’s no shortage of shopping spots in Mayfair and the West End.


Mayfair has come a long way since it was filled with extravagant mansions and is now a very popular and exclusive shopping destination. If you’re looking to escape your Mayfair office to enjoy a little retail therapy at lunch, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

In the south of Mayfair, Piccadilly is home to Fortnum and Mason and the historic Hatchards Bookshop. And then you come to Jermyn Street, which is home to some of the best menswear shops if the nearby Saville Row doesn’t tempt you. 

But it’s not all Louis Vuitton Maison and Grays Antique Market. Mayfair also has plenty of high street and independent shops. And there are even more with Oxford Street, Regent Street and Soho all nearby. 


Commuting to Mayfair

Why are so many companies looking to rent office space in Mayfair? - Getting around

Mayfair and the West End has unrivalled connectivity across Central London and the rest of the city.


There aren’t many areas of London better served by transport links than Mayfair. It has seven underground stations, all within walking distance: 

— Green Park tube station

— Hyde Park Corner station

— Marble Arch Station

— Piccadilly Circus station

— Bond Street station

— Oxford Circus station

— Marylebone station

Getting to and from the office couldn’t be easier with these stations covering the Jubilee, Central, Victoria and Piccadilly lines. But if, on the odd occasion, the tube doesn’t meet your needs, there are also excellent bus links. With bus stops on Park Lane, Piccadilly and Oxford Street that’ll get you anywhere you need to go. 

Plus, you can get to Heathrow in about half an hour. A game-changer if you need to travel for business or have international clients.

These transport links mean that you and your team won’t struggle to get into the office at any time of the day, and it means you can get around the other areas of the West End on your lunch break and be back in time for the afternoon hustle. 


Popular areas to rent office space around Mayfair

While Mayfair is a coveted area in London for office space, it’s also surrounded by areas that are just as popular for offices in London. This promises easy access to clients and potential new business opportunities. The surrounding areas offer many of the same benefits as Mayfair and are home to many famous businesses. Plus, there’s plenty of more affordable, small offices around London. So if you’re thinking about an office in the West End, it’s worth considering: 


Office space in Bond Street

Mayfair and West End offices for rent - Bond Street

These serviced offices are just a short 2-minute walk away from Bond Street tube station.


Bond Street is an iconic location for office space in Mayfair, the West End, London and even the world! It offers heritage, with Old Bond Street dating back to the 18th century, prestige, thanks to an abundance of exclusive brands and luxury designers all calling the area home, and excellent connectivity.

Bond Street tube station on Oxford Street is on the Central and Jubilee lines making the City of London, East London and other popular areas easy to reach. Green Park underground station is also nearby, adding Piccadilly and Victoria to the list of routes that are easily accessible from Bond Street.


Office space in Marylebone

Canvas Offices - Office Space to rent London - Oxford Street

These offices corner Duke Street and Oxford Street which is less than a 10-minute walk away from Marylebone.


Marylebone has historically been associated with healthcare businesses. But, over the last couple of decades, it has become increasingly popular with other types of companies. In fact, it’s now home to some huge names like Coca Cola and Estee Lauder.

The area is excellent for businesses of all sizes with flexible office spaces available and, much like Mayfair, plenty of green spaces, bars, restaurants and transport links. 


Office space in Marble Arch

Why are so many companies looking to rent office space in Mayfair? - Marble Arch

A short walk along Oxford Street in Mayfair will take you straight to Marble Arch.


Marble Arch is a worthy consideration for office space in Central London. Situated near Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park, the area is known for its leisure and hospitality businesses, with plenty of bars, restaurants, and hotels nearby. Like Mayfair, Marble Arch is also known for its prestigious real estate and home to several wealth management companies.

Marble Arch is an excellent location for office space in London. With good transport links, superb leisure facilities, and plenty of places for client meetings and after-work drinks. 


Office space in Westminster

Why are so many companies looking to rent office space in Mayfair? - Westminster

Located in the City of Westminster, Mayfair is the perfect base for government and legal bodies.


Westminster, being home to the Houses of Parliament, makes it ideally placed for any business related to government or law. Getting office space in the political heart of London means that you can quite easily find yourself with tons of networking opportunities and rubbing shoulders with influential people. 

But out of the office, there’s plenty to do as well with excellent transport links (including the Thameslink for a more relaxing commute), a long list of fantastic restaurants and plenty of green spaces nearby. 


Office space in Paddington

Why are so many companies looking to rent office space in Mayfair?

These offices on Binney Street are just 15 minutes away from Paddington via tube from Bond Street.


Best known for its grand railway station, Paddington has always been known for its excellent transport links. But in recent years, the area has been reinvented and has become a great option for office space in London. Recent developments have seen EE and AstraZeneca move into office space in Paddington.

But going beyond business, Paddington is a bit of a hidden gem with beautiful canals, green spaces, and various restaurants and bears bars. 


Office space in Soho

Canvas Offices - Office Space to rent London - Oxford Street

Renting an office space in Mayfair will give you easy access to clients, new business opportunities and a wealth of eateries in Soho.


If you’re looking for somewhere like no other in Central London, look no further than Soho. It’s a melting pot of everything that makes London so great. Office space in Soho is a great option for businesses looking to be in the heart of the capital. Anyone looking to move into the area will be in good company with a variety of different companies, from boutique shops to multinationals.

When you finish a day at a Soho office, there are almost endless possibilities. There’s a plethora of all types of restaurants and bars. As well as entertainment from cinemas to comedy clubs and big West End theatres. 


Office space in Belgravia

Why are so many companies looking to rent office space in Mayfair? - Belgravia

Mayfair is just 25 minutes away from Belgravia on foot.


Belgravia is one of the wealthiest districts not just in London but in the world. It’s known for its expensive properties, top-quality restaurants and high-end entertainment venues. Getting office space in Belgravia is an easy way to impress clients instantly, and with everything in the area, your team will love it too. 


The not so average day at a Mayfair office

Canvas Offices - Office Space to rent London - Mayfair

The beauty of renting an office space in Mayfair is that no two days will be the same.


If you decide to rent office space in Mayfair, your average day won’t be like just another day at the office. 

Your nine-to-five will start with you getting the tube into one of the many tube stations in Mayfair and taking a stroll through one of the beautiful green spaces in the area. By the time you’ve arrived at your serviced office, you’ll be feeling less stressed just from spending some time in nature.

By the time lunchtime rolls around, you’ll be spoilt for choice, and you can treat yourself to dishes from around the world, maybe even treat yourself to lunch at Selfridges. Following an incredible lunch, the afternoon will fly by in a haze of creation inspired by the fantastic meal. 

At the end of the day, you can opt to do a bit of shopping or go to one of the many bars and pubs to unwind and enjoy a well-earned drink. Before jumping back on the tube which will get you home in a flash. 

Ok, well, not every day will be like that. But, by renting an office space in Mayfair, that will all be available.


But will office space in Mayfair cost you an arm and a leg?

Offices for rent in Mayfair

Affordable office spaces in Mayfair are out there. Pictured: Canvas offices on Duke Street.


While there’s undeniably expensive office space in Mayfair, there are plenty of great options for those without the budget for solid gold toilets. Serviced offices in Mayfair are an excellent option for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to big companies, as they offer a bespoke workspace that can be tailored to your needs and will often charge for the size of the space rather than by the desk. 

On top of offering you that coveted W1 postcode, serviced offices in Mayfair provide flexible leases at a fixed, affordable and all-inclusive monthly price as well as facilities like meeting rooms, breakout areas, kitchens and showers and the option to make the space your own. 

Are you looking for office space in Mayfair or the West End? Canvas Offices have a range of flexible, serviced offices in Mayfair and the surrounding areas. If you’ve got a question about managed offices or if you’d like to get a new office, get in touch and we’ll do everything we can to help.


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