5 cool office spaces in London

5 cool office spaces in London

Let’s be honest, when most people think about offices, the first word that springs to mind probably isn’t cool. And that’s not at all surprising, considering offices of the past were just seas of identical cubicles, magnolia walls and fluorescent lights for a long time. They were pretty far from impressive.

Thankfully, things have changed.

Like other forward-thinking cities such as New York and San Francisco, London’s shaken off the old office model. Brands of all sizes are embracing a new kind of office space. Sure, they’re still places to get work done, but they’re designed to energise, inspire, and be somewhere people actually want to work.

This new kind of office has large open spaces, collaborative areas and top-notch interior design. They’re spaces specifically designed to encourage employee productivity, collaboration, and most importantly happiness.

In short, they’re cool offices. 

In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at five of the coolest office spaces in London. We’ll dig into what makes an office alluring and the features to look out for. But this isn’t just about IG-worthy offices, it’s about offices that match your brand ethos, inspire and impress your team, customers and clients alike.

Sound cool?

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The rise of cool, innovative office spaces in London

The rise of cool offices in London
Cool offices aren’t exactly new, but for a long time, they’ve been an exception to the rule rather than the rule itself. While big, global companies could afford to invest in offices that broke the mould most brands couldn’t. Most businesses were limited to what was available — which wasn’t all that cool.

That’s no longer the case. 

Startup culture has been one of the biggest driving forces behind the change. Due to their nature and necessity, startups do things differently, including their workspaces. A lot of new brands embraced less formal workspaces with big open spaces that encouraged collaboration. They embraced hybrid working and didn’t push an all work and no play motive.

Then came the pandemic. Working from home became the norm, and while it took some adjustment, it worked. This meant businesses across the board needed to do things differently to encourage their team back to the office. (And regardless of how good they are, free coffee and pizza don’t cut it.)

The office needed to be somewhere teams wanted to commute to. They needed to be a working environment about more than getting work done and worth leaving home offices behind (at least for some of the work week). So, many companies embraced some of the ideas that startup office spaces have used for years.

Many of them ditched traditional office spaces for offices that offered flexibility and a range of cool features. These features include things like an open-plan design, breakout areas, meeting rooms, a game room, dog-friendly policies, giant bean bags…

These cool features not only encouraged people to head back to the office but they:

    • – Encouraged creativity


    • – Promoted collaboration.


    • – Enhanced well-being


    • – Reflected brand identity


But enough of the history lesson, let’s dig into some actual cool office spaces. Whether you’re looking for new office space in London or just looking for some office design ideas, you’re in the right place.

Cool office #1 — 35 Luke Street, Old Street

Cool office #1 — 35 Luke Street, Old Street
When you think of cool places in London, the Old Street area is probably one of the first that pops into your head. Known for its vibrant nightlife, tech startups, and artistic community, the area is a hub for creatives and entrepreneurs.

Just a short stroll from Old Street tube station, these offices on Luke Street are right in the heart of London’s tech hub. The space combines style with function and doesn’t scrimp when it comes to natural light. The office, styled by award-winning designers for comfort and productivity, offers businesses of all sizes a lot of cool features and benefits.

    • Natural light — Offices with loads of natural light, boosting mood and productivity.


    • Design-led space — Interiors crafted for comfort and productivity with a stylish, open-plan layout.


    • Customisation — Bespoke office service available for a personalised workspace.


    • Scenic views — Lovely views of Mark Street Gardens — a rare green space in urban East London.


  • Nearby amenities — Near various restaurants, bars and popular spots, perfect for breaks and socialising.

Plus, the best thing about Luke Street is that it extends beyond its four walls. Step outside, and you’re in a lively area full of cafes, shops, and the buzzing energy of startups and tech giants alike.

Take a closer look at the Luke Street offices. 

Cool office #2 — 189-190 Shoreditch High Street

Cool office #2 — 189-190 Shoreditch High Street
For years now, Shoreditch has been synonymous with cool. The area is a massive melting pot of creativity, innovation and style, which makes it the perfect spot for businesses and startups of all sizes. It’s no surprise that office space in Shoreditch is much sought after.

And they don’t get much better than the office spaces at 180-190 Shoreditch High Street. These offices have been designed to be inspiring. They reflect the area’s industrial past with an all-round warehouse feel, mixed with modern style.

    • Unique design — Features include timber beams, exposed bricks, open space and distinctive Thierry Noir artworks.


    • Vibrant location — Right in the heart of a tech and creative hub, offering a lively atmosphere.


    • Prime position — The space overlooks cultural landmarks like the Tea building and Boxpark, situating it in the heart of the action.


    • Commuting convenience — Near Shoreditch High Street Overground, Old Street and Liverpool Street stations.


  • Green spaces — Access to local gardens and parks, perfect for outdoor breaks and summer lunches.

Nestled right in the heart of Shoreditch, these offices have views of the Tea Building and Boxpark. They also have easy access to Hoxton, Spitalfields, and Liverpool Street, making it an ideal office space that oozes cool.

Check out the offices on Shoreditch High Street. 

Cool office #3 — 6-7 St John’s Lane, Farringdon

Cool office #3 — 6-7 St John's Lane, Farringdon
Farringdon is quickly becoming one of the most popular areas in London for businesses in a wide range of industries. Farringdon is teeming with creative startups just starting out as well as well-established tech giants like LinkedIn and TikTok. The historic area blends old and new perfectly and is a hot spot for anyone in the design industry.

The offices on St John’s Lane are a stone’s throw from Farringdon Station, making commuting a doddle (especially with the new Elizabeth line). The office spaces have oodles of natural light and a sophisticated but cosy atmosphere.

    • Strategic location — A short walk from Farringdon Station and close to Clerkenwell, Islington, The City, and Holborn.


    • Creative hub — Right in the heart of a historic area known for its vibrant creative scene and foodie destinations.


    • Customisable spaces — Offices that can be personalised to your brand and vision.


    • Top-notch amenities — Access to meeting rooms, modern kitchens, breakout areas, and communal spaces (with a pool table) designed for work, rest, and play.


  • Comfortable atmosphere — Even on rainy days, the office’s wooden floors and decor create a homey atmosphere.

Plus, the area is fantastic for food enthusiasts. It’s got a tonne of different cuisine options, from Michelin-starred restaurants to charming street food joints. And if you’re looking for a post-work wind-down, there are loads of quaint pubs nearby (plus more energetic bars for Friday nights).

Take a look at the St John’s Lane offices. 

Cool office #4 — 385-389 Oxford Street, Mayfair

Cool office #4 — 385-389 Oxford Street, Mayfair
There aren’t many places in London more iconic than Oxford Street. But this famous street is more than just a shopping destination — it’s a fantastic office location. Its proximity to Bond Street and easy access to the rest of London make it a smashing spot for all kinds of businesses.

Right on top of Bond Street Station, the offices at 385-389 Oxford Street are in the perfect location. The recently refurbished offices have everything brands need, whether you’re just starting out or well-established:

    • Prime location — Situated in the West End, the area is a highly sought-after location, not just in London but globally.


    • Historic area — Known for its elegance, glamour, and style, the area is rich in history and synonymous with luxury.


    • Brilliant connectivity — Being above Bond Street station makes commuting easier than ever.


    • Proximity to key areas — Close to Oxford Circus, Soho, and Piccadilly, making meeting clients easy and exploring new business opportunities.


  • Newly refurbished — The recently renovated offices offer a fresh and modern space for businesses to thrive.

The area oozes sophistication with a tonne of designer brands, luxury goods, high fashion outlets, and fine dining spots. But don’t worry, there are plenty of lower-budget options in the area for a quick lunch or post-work dinner.

Check out the Oxford Street offices.

Cool Office #5 — 8 Albemarle Way, Clerkenwell

Cool Office #5 — 8 Albemarle Way, Clerkenwell
Clerkenwell, in the heart of London, is a hotspot for startups. Its prime location near Farringdon, the City, and Islington attracts many businesses. With so many brands and other business hubs nearby, it offers loads of networking opportunities.

The office spaces at 8 Albemarle Way offer a charming blend of old and new. With exposed brick walls and timber beams paired with floor-to-ceiling windows, the space is inviting and filled with natural light. Spread over three floors, these offices are right next to St John’s Square, creating a pleasant work setting.

    • Central location — With Farringdon Station in walking distance, it’s easy to reach Farringdon, the City, and Islington from here.


    • Startup scene — Clerkenwell is known for its thriving startup environment, so you’re close to other innovators.


    • Natural light — Massive windows fill the office spaces with abundant natural light, making for a bright workspace.


    • Historic charm — The interior features like exposed bricks and timber beams add a unique character to the workspace.


  • Balanced environment — Private spaces in a lively location are perfect for focused work and networking.

But it’s about more than work, you’re spoilt for choice for post-work drinks and client entertainment. The area boasts a variety of cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs. Popular spots include BrewDog Clerkenwell and the iconic Jerusalem Tavern.

Explore the offices at 8 Albemarle Way.

Explore amazing offices in London today

Explore amazing offices in London today
The transformation of office spaces in London from mundane, uninspiring environments to vibrant, creative hubs shows the changing nature of work culture. The shift towards cool office spaces has been driven by businesses’ changing needs and aspirations, particularly startups.

But cool office spaces aren’t just about great locations and state-of-the-art features, they’re about how well they work for businesses and their teams. That’s why most of London’s coolest office spaces are now flexible. Like the ones in this post, flexible office spaces offer businesses fantastic spaces but add flexibility in layout, lease terms and more.

At Canvas Offices, we do everything we can to make sure our office spaces work for our clients. And for us, that means creating the perfect blend of personalised, flexible office spaces in top-notch locations with everything you need to succeed:

  • – High-speed leased-line internet
  • – Wifi access
  • – All utilities included
  • Breakout areas
  • – Kitchens
  • – Meeting rooms
  • – And more.

If you’re looking for a new HQ for your business in London, explore our beautiful office spaces today. Got a question? Get in touch with our team, and we’ll do everything we can to help.

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At Canvas, we create homely and authentic offices for small and large teams. We include everything (meeting rooms too) with a simple, flexible contract.

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