‘Why I am so invested in Canvas’ – an HR Consultant’s View

‘Why I am so invested in Canvas’ – an HR Consultant’s View

When it comes to creating office space for our clients, we pride ourselves on listening to their vision. What they need for a creative, fun and productive place where their team will thrive now, and in the future.

So when we caught up with Caroline Ely after the festive break, it was not only great to hear that she had dedicated time to some reflective writing, but we were delighted that Canvas had played a key role in her inspiration – in particular the future of work.

It’s been refreshing to read about Caroline’s experience working alongside Canvas Offices as a HR consultant. We’re thrilled that Caroline has enjoyed her journey so far and that she truly values what we’re striving to achieve at Canvas.

Here is the article…

‘Why I am so invested in Canvas’ – an HR Consultant’s View by Caroline Ely

As an independent external consultant, I have, over the last 4 years, enjoyed the opportunity to work with business leadership teams in various sectors and with clients ranging from start-ups to large multinationals.

Irrespective of the topic, or the piece of work I am commissioned to deliver, I always find that I am most influenced by the level of leadership energy I find during my first ‘discovery’ phase.

I have come to know, it is this, simply put, that dictates my chances of success re all things people strategy and so fulfils my own personal need to deliver solutions that have real impact, programs & routines that directly support business growth objectives.

Those that know me, know it is my eternal mission to try to facilitate a ‘High Performance Working Culture’ wherever I go. I think most of my external HR Consultant colleagues will agree with me here… you know you have ‘lucked out’ when you find a Company or ‘Client’ where every single member of the leadership team is absolutely, demonstrably, open minded, has a high capacity for learning and is committed to the wider Company and Society level goals, purpose, vision and values.

Canvas Offices

So, let me share with you my reasons for being so invested in Canvas, the reason I continue to work above and beyond for this Company, and the reason they have ‘set a new high bar’ for me, with respect to my profiling and deciding who I will and won’t want to work with moving forward.

Canvas is a provider of flexible office space – that is the headline, but dig deeper and you will understand, they are so much more. Keeping their ear to the ground, their finger on the pulse of the changing ‘future of work’, they are working on practical solutions that will help to facilitate innovation in this area.

This team is focused on understanding the evolving needs of both Employers and Employees, and moreover the important balance between those two stakeholders. This in itself, from my perspective, is truly compelling.

Michael Arena, one of my favourite thought leaders, recently posted on linkedin…

‘When left to chance remote workers lose between 25 to 30 % of their informal connections’.

This was a preface to a link to his article titled ‘The Fragility of Informal Interactions with Hybrid Work’.

This article really spoke to the Canvas team, the bottom line is that they are a Company committed to figuring out how to make the new world of work, actually work.

With an understanding of the real value of ‘social capital’, this team is proactively trying to, in a very practical way, facilitate the needs of our society’s new way of working. Strategic in their thinking about the value of ‘the office’, they are focused on the stuff they can do to support that progress.

Beyond the fact that they are leading the way for sustainable development (repurposing forgotten properties, recycling materials at every step) they have an inspiring vision and mission too.

As experts in the concept of ‘Resimmercial Design’ (bringing the ‘comfort of home’ to the work environment) and with a deep understanding of the importance of bespoke design, for every office space, for every client, to meet their unique ‘culture’ needs ….

This Canvas team  has my unwavering support.

Happy New Year!

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