Freedom For Firms – Why Businesses Are Choosing Flexible Office Space

rnrproperty on May 9, 2018

Freedom For Firms – Why Businesses Are Choosing Flexible Office Space

‘Commitment’- even the word can be scary. We don’t want to be tied to a situation that no longer suits us; we want to be able to evolve free from constraints. After all freedom does taste sweeter, and more and more businesses are opting for offices that are on their terms, not their landlords.

Serviced and flexible offices are the friend of modern business, especially with the current uncertainty surrounding Brexit. This has contributed to a rise in companies seeking flexible solutions whilst the dust settles. However, it is not just this period of limbo that has sparked the change in renting preferences but also the relative ease and hassle-free environment serviced and flexible office spaces provide.

They offer a ‘plug and play’ solution for small business; the transition into a new office is seamless and there is no need to worry about sorting Wi-Fi, furniture or amenities. Additionally, in the fast-moving world of business, the model is attractive because it accommodates the expansion and growth of a company. A conventional lease typically lasts for 10 to 15 years and most predict change during that time. Wouldn’t it be awful if your new talent had to sit on the floor to work?

Another reason why flexible work spaces are so much in demand is that they are specifically designed to complement different office cultures and cannot afford to rest on their laurels or let any aspect of design or functionality slip. Working in a ‘cool’ space will naturally appeal to employees and assist the recruitment process.

Typically old-style office providers are used to the ‘old’ way of working and tend to be less adaptable to the needs of modern business. This can lead to a tennis-style back-and-forth to cater to demands and may lead to frustrations or delays. By contrast, flexible office providers have flexible offerings and are aware of what businesses of all sizes need to flourish and have a varied inventory to choose from.

In summary, flexible office spaces are a place to expand without the growing pains. A place where you can be free to organically evolve. ‘Commitment’ may be a scary word, but flexible and serviced office providers such as Canvas are committed to making your business work best for you.


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