When it comes to client relationships, Canvas BUX the trend

When it comes to client relationships, Canvas BUX the trend

Relationships matter. Whether it’s your partner or your business partner, your dynamic as a team can make or break you. That’s why at Canvas, we focus on nurturing real connections with our clients. From replacing lost key cards to event planning together as an extension of your team, we take care of you so you can take care of your business. No one knows this better than Janine Vieira at BUX. In the daylight-flooded third floor office at Luke Street, we caught up to find out more about her experience.   

So, tell us a little a bit about yourself and what you do at BUX? 

Yes, I’m the Office and People Team Assistant at BUX Financial Ltd, we provide products that make investing more accessible to a new generation. Essentially, we make it easier for people to do more with their money and invest in companies they believe in. But my main focus is the people that work here. In terms of my day-to-day duties, there’s not so much to do in the office because of how amazing Lianne and the Canvas team are, they really do take great care of everything. I’ll send a messaging saying, “hey guys, this happened” or “we need that”, and the same day, no questions asked, it’s there, sorted, unless they need to rely on outside engineers of course.

Do you think you’re more aware of that because how it affects the people at BUX? 

Oh, definitely! Especially with my experience in facilities. Before coming here, I was a receptionist but ended up doing a bit of everything. So essentially running round and making sure everything’s working, which naturally at times, things didn’t. My clients would chase, and I’d have to show them the chain of communication as proof I was trying to sort everything out, but at the end of the day, the client just wants the solution. Being the middleman is never fun, but to be fair, Lianne Is the best at it. It’s why I always feel everything is taken care of and I don’t need to worry about the office. When those relationships work well, everything else runs smoothly. It’s difficult to find people who are passionate about their jobs and actually care which is something I’ve experienced since I’ve been at Canvas. Everyone is so down to earth and happy to help, even if it’s not necessarily their role. It made me feel right at home when I started working in the building and it made my job easier. 

Were you at BUX when you moved into the space you guys now have at Canvas Luke Street? 

No, we were originally on the second floor and by the time I started in January we’d already moved up to the third. It’s such a good space. People come into the office twice a week and there’s always enough room for everyone despite our hybrid working style. With our private meeting rooms, there’s always space to jump into a meeting, even when the office has been super busy there’s still other spots.  


How is everyone enjoying the new space? 

People love having a kitchen to themselves – that was one of the biggest things. And because of the nature of the business, with so many highly confidential conversations going on all the time, we needed to be careful of who was around when meeting in the shared communal spaces. So, having a more private space allows everything to be more comfortable and they have the flexibility they need. But everyone still loves the coffee machine downstairs! We have a coffee machine up here, but everyone will still make the trip to the lower ground floor to get a coffee from that machine so it’s great still having the communal space to use. The pool table is a huge plus, especially to me. It’s the first thing I thought when I came here and saw it, I thought, “this is exactly where I’m supposed to be.” When you come to Canvas to work, you don’t feel like you’re coming to work. It’s such a comfortable environment that really and truly, we come into the office because we like being in the office. Other offices I’ve worked in have been very corporate and stuffy. You don’t want to be there. The meeting rooms look like you’re going into a room to dig your grave. No windows. No light. Feeling like as soon as the door shuts, I need to escape.  

Were you aware of what flexible office space was before Canvas? 

I came to Canvas right after Covid, and I think that had a big impact on what people expect from their office space. Before, it was so corporate and flexible working was for the lucky few that had the opportunity, and that was pretty much it. Working environments weren’t created to make people feel comfortable and happy, they were created to make people feel they were there to do a job. For example, the offices were freezing cold because they want everyone to be awake, all these techniques they enforced when creating these spaces that aren’t applicable to the society now. I used to have to sit with my scarf on my legs as a blanket and we couldn’t have any heaters because it was a health and safety issue apparently. You were running out of the door to moment your working day ended. Canvas is a place where you finish work and think, “You know what, I’m going to go downstairs and have a chat on the bean bags with my friends, grab a coffee or grab a beer from our fridge, play a game of pool.” Once you work in an environment like this it’s very difficult to go back. It’s so colourful. There’re plants everywhere. Everyone who works here makes it what it is.  

How does the flexible space support your business ops and culture?  

Yes, I would hope that most businesses would want to make the transfer to more flexible office space, because the 5-day working week where you’re expected to be in the office every day rarely exists in many businesses anymore. Most are hybrid. It doesn’t make sense having a whole building to yourself or spending so much money on super expensive, corporate offices. But it’s still important to have an office, it would be crazy if everyone went remote and there was no one place where everyone meets to exchange ideas. One of my main tasks when I arrived was to think of new and innovative ways to get people to come back into the office after covid. Events really help to give people a reason to come in. Canvas helps facilitate that. We’ve had loads of events upstairs but one of the biggest events that I did was an investors event where we switched up the whole office space. Without Sam and Lianne it wouldn’t have happened. It was honestly incredible how we all managed to get everything in place. It looked amazing and we got great feedback from the client. Without Canvas’ support, no matter how good I am at my job, it wouldn’t have come to fruition. It really is teamwork. We can’t do everything by ourselves which is why businesses would benefit from collaborating with Canvas and other companies in the building. It really does bring a camaraderie in terms of connections.  

How do you feel about Canvas encouraging connections between companies across the collection? 

Yes! One of my favourite times was when people from all the different businesses came together and collaborated on the Christmas party. We had so much fun. It comes down to having someone like Lianne who can connect to so many people, have that relationship with them and bring us together to create something better. I now have a friend who works at Patchwork who I would have never met if it wasn’t for Canvas connecting us. It goes beyond work. Having conversations about what we as clients need from Canvas and how Canvas can help us, shows us that you really care. It also helps us to grow at Bux. It’s a win-win.  


Have you been to any other Canvas buildings and used the multi-site access we offer all our clients? 

I haven’t, but I’ve heard plenty from Lianne because she’s always at one Canvas building or another. I think the great thing about them is the location. No matter where you are or where she is, she can get to you quickly, or send someone else to help. It’s those people who understand the ins and outs of what’s going on in our business that really makes a difference to us, and I think that should be more visible to other companies. It would bring more business to Canvas if people knew the type of people you have working for you. It would be a no-brainer to move into the building. Especially people like me. Otherwise, the relationship with that middleman is going to be toxic. It would be a blunt email chain heavy type of thing, and no one wants that on a day-to-day basis.  



Is the area here in Shoreditch a big factor for the team? 

Where the office is really works for our people because you have Liverpool Street, Old Street, Moorgate, all close by, plus the over ground. So just those few connections that I’ve mentioned, our office is bang smack in the middle of them which means you can get people coming in from places up north like Leeds like someone from our office did today. I’ve come in from Southwest London, Worcester Park, Kingston area, all the way in on the northern line from Morden. So, it’s one of those areas that is truly central and is going to be good for everyone. And Shoreditch is such s lively area. Loads of colour. Loads of life. Always busy. Great nightlife. 

What would be your top tips for food and drink in the area? 

There’s so many! First things first, when you take a left then a right when you leave the building there’re multiple food stands. There’s always queues so you know it’s good. If you go to the typical Large food chain, everything’s super overpriced, but you can get a huge box of salad or a chicken wrap for £5. And they are the loveliest people. It’s good food! So many great coffee shops too. The Alchemy is great. In terms of pubs, we like to go to the pub in our company, and we love The Kings Arms on a Thursday. Their playlists are amazing. Every 90’s banger from your childhood comes on and you end up singing along. In terms of things to do, you’ve got Ballie Ballerson which is an adult ball pool, I mean it really doesn’t get better than that. There’s a beer pong place called Bounce down the road. I used to hate going out after work but since I started working in Shoreditch it’s just so good! The area is great and having the building we have in central London is rare. Central London gardens. Lol. There are none. You can’t park your bike like you can here, you have to put it on the street. I love the fairy lights. It’s all just so pretty. And when it’s sunny, the outside area, even though there’s skyscrapers around us it still somehow catches the sun! It’s just a great place to be.  

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