What makes up Shoreditch?

Ellie on December 20, 2018

What makes up Shoreditch?

Building with street art in Shoreditch

A central hub for a variety of up and coming creative industries, Shoreditch embraces the alternative and provides fertile ground for trendy communities and businesses to thrive.  

While putting your finger on exactly what makes up an area is near to impossible, we’ve compiled a list of some of the components that give Shoreditch its unique and endearing character.

Local and Global Cuisine

As Shoreditch’s popularity grows, so does its food scene. The diversity and rich history of the area means that this region is peppered with both multicultural and traditional cuisine. The constant presence of new and exciting places to eat and drink makes this area of London a prime destination for anyone looking to experience something a little out of the ordinary.

A great example of this is Spitalfields Market, a stone’s throw away from Liverpool Street and south Shoreditch. This long lasting event, dating back to 1683, provides an entertaining stroll through one of the most charming areas of London. Stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables while browsing original artworks, satisfying your hunger with a couple samples of artisan food along the way.

Over the years it has become common knowledge that Brick Lane provides some of the best curries outside of Asia. Nicknamed ‘curry mile’, the delicate combination of flavours found here attracts those from far and wide. Brick Lane experienced an influx of Bangladeshi workers in the 1970s, resulting in the diversification of its food culture.

Food scene Shoreditch

Architecture in Shoreditch

Due to its industrial roots, the architecture within Shoreditch has a clear style, with refurbished warehouses and factory buildings flanking the streets. However, after the war, many of these buildings were renovated and rebuilt to reflect many different styles, resulting in an eclectic mix of architectural trends throughout the area.

However, a variety of architecture in Shoreditch dates back to before the industrial period. Just north of Shoreditch lies The Geffrye Museum, a building built in 1714 and one of the oldest listed buildings in the area. Five minutes walk from the Overground station you can find St Leonards Church, the ancient parish, dating back to 1740.

Shoreditch architecture

Art and Creativity

There’s no shortage of artistic spirit in Shoreditch, with galleries found left right and centre. Some of our favourites are the Institute of Visual Arts, Studio 1.1, Kate McGarry and Rich Mix.

What adds to the diversity of the area is the multitude of street art lining not only the back streets and alleyways, but the main streets of Shoreditch. Famous names, such as Banksy, have made their mark on the community, with tongue-in-cheek pieces aiming to evoke a reaction from passersby. Alongside these more political works are some of the most colourful and well designed murals in the city.

Street art in Shoreditch

The home of business

Over the past few years, Shoreditch and the surrounding area has gradually become the home to an array of different markets, including tech, fashion, PR, and media.

Silicon Roundabout, the name mimicking California’s tech hub Silicon Valley and playfully given to the roundabout at Old Street, is the epicentre of this phenomenon. This breeding ground for tech and digital start ups has allowed for growth of the business climate throughout Shoreditch, with this area of London now being one of the most prime locations for startups, scale ups and large enterprises alike to base their business. The well connected tube and overground line serving commuting professionals only adds to this.

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