Old Street

This East London district has been a thriving innovative hub for decades now. And there are no signs of this letting up. 

The influx of art galleries, fashion retailers, restaurants, bars, hotels, coffee shops, IT disruptors and new wave gyms over the last decade has seen its mass appeal grow whilst somehow retaining its independent, innovative and iconic status.

Old Street is remarkable. And it continues to create trends, push boundaries and set the agenda across multiple industries and audiences.

To See and Do

The journey starts at Old Street station. Inside the station.

As a result of the increase in passenger numbers, TFL started an initiative in 2014 to offer pop-up spaces to selected independent retailers. Consequently, it’s now arguably the most exciting underground station in the capital featuring a wide mix of the next best things in food, drink, fashion, health and art before you even step foot outside.

Once out you’re in creative paradise. For furniture you have the wonderful and timeless SCP. For clothes you have the carefully curated Goodhood. Huckle the Barber are there for hair. Look no further than Artwords for books. And the incredible Jealous Art Gallery will see you hooked for hours.

See you there.

To Eat and Drink

Eat and drink everything.

 The breadth of offering within a half a mile radius is truly mind-blowing. 

The tiny street traders in Whitecross Street Market including veggie heroes Buddha Bowl.
Isaac McHale’s Clove Club inspired by modern British cuisine.
Accessible Michelin Starred fine diners Leroy.

Shoreditch Grind, Ozone, Origin coffee and the infectiously named Look Mum No Hands will all fully satisfy your caffeine fix.

And for proper drinks, you’d struggle to find another city in the world that has the number of globally revered cocktail bars than you could find on one street here.

Highlights include the world renowned cocktail bar Nightjar, it’s younger, broodier brother The Gibson and the notorious late night carouser Calloh Callay.

But we can’t let this section end without a mention of Passione Vino. Started by local legend, natural wine expert and all round hero Luca Dusi, you will not find a better, more charming nor more consistently incredible wine bar in this country. Fact.

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