Augustinus Bader – The Luxury of Space at Canvas Offices

Augustinus Bader – The Luxury of Space at Canvas Offices

We’re in Mayfair on the second floor of a prestigious Georgian townhouse on Duke Street. Natural light floods in through the large sash window over-looking the bustling London streets below. Augustinus Bader’s “Classic Blue” signature shade on the walls has a calming effect on the room. Rich and deep as the ocean. Product samples stand like trophies in the alcoves, symbols of the company’s global success. We sit with Group Financial Controller, Anand Lala to ask what makes their relationship with Canvas work so well.

“We’re a global luxury skincare retailer at the start of our crazy journey. We’ve experienced some tremendous growth and popularity in our product and we’re striving to be the number one luxury skincare brand in the world. So far, we’re in New York, Paris, Shanghai and London, and we’re expanding our footprint pretty fast.

Canvas interview with Anand Lala

Tsubi Choy discussing Augustinus Bader’s experience at Canvas Duke Street office with Anand Lala. Photo Credit: Canvas Offices

“I think the main difference I see with Canvas is the personal relationship. A huge benefit was the ability to open more office space, collaborate and build a space that was more representative of us as a brand. It wasn’t a case of “here’s your office, we’ll speak to you in a year”, it’s an ongoing conversation and the knowledge of our staff and our brand is on another level.



“The flexibility that we have here means we came in small and occupied not a lot of space. And then as we’ve scaled, Canvas has scaled with us and accommodated that growth.

“I think it’s the small little bits and pieces that add character. The rugs, the lighting, the art. Together with you guys, what we were able to do with this meeting room is incredible. That we were able to paint it with art on the wall, with the alcove for our product. It was originally a meeting room and then a year later we were like, ‘actually let’s turn the office back into a meeting room and the room we did have as out meeting room back into an office’. You guys were instrumental in assisting that request.

Augustinus Bader Meeting Room Artwork

Augustinus Bader’s personalised meeting room at Canvas Duke Street. Photo Credit: Canvas Offices

“I think the phone booth is the most used item in the office – just go into a soundproof area and no one outside can hear and it’s a private space. And on top of that, the location – we  can cross the road and take new employees or clients or friends of the brand to go and see our products sitting in store in Selfridges or walk up to Liberty.

“Operating in the luxury space, everything we do and we say is an extension of our brand, including where our office is based and how we present ourselves. To be in a location where there are other luxury brands is really important. When you bring people to the office having a well-presented space is a great reflection of the brand and where we are as a company. Plus having a central London address adds real credibility to the brand.

“All our external clients and customers, whoever it might be, walk into this space and they feel immediately like they’re in Augustinus Bader. We feel like we own the space. It’s amazing, and also for our staff, after working from home for two years, coming back into an office that’s been re-vamped is way more welcoming. Adding all the small touches makes the world of difference to getting our staff back in.

“We used to have Thirsty Thursdays before lockdown, but the office is so nice, we had drinks here. But the new pub on the corner on Duke Street has also been adopted as our pub, it’s amazing. In terms of places to go, we’re spoilt for choice. One of the places we always gravitate towards is Mercarto Mayfair. There’s a bit of a vibe there. It’s a swanky food hall.


Mercato Mayfair London

A photo of inside Mercato Mayfair. Photo Credit: Canvas Offices

“It’s been a great journey. We’re pretty proud of where we’re at with office space. It’s more of a journey than a destination. We’ve got some huge aspirations and it’s going to get to that point where we’re gonna need to expand even more, and we hope that Canvas is on that journey with us.”

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