5 Sounds To Get Your Concentration On Track

rnrproperty on May 9, 2018

5 Sounds To Get Your Concentration On Track

Sometimes in a busy working environment, even after a coffee or two, it can be difficult to focus. We may need a little help to shut out distractions and immerse ourselves in the work at hand. Luckily the invention of headphones has made this viable and there is vast array of ‘sounds’ online to assist your tunnel vision towards a task. Here are five musical experiences that aim to heighten your productivity and focus.

Arctic Ambient Music

Nothing could possibly be as ‘chilled’ as the Artic. This recording layers sounds of ice cracking, snow falling and wind howling over ambient frequencies. Ambient music has been scientifically proven to increase productivity as the tempo keeps your body in a state of relaxed alertness; perfect for staying focused for long periods. The natural sounds also serve to transport you to an environment far from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Happy Music 

Although there have been many studies into the benefit of music on cognitive function, the effect on creative cognition has, until recently, been largely unexplored. In a study of participants listening to four different types of classical music it was found that the most productive at creative tasks were those hearing music that was high on arousal and positive mood: ‘happy music.’ Their effectiveness was also far greater than those that worked in silence, so perhaps it is time to tap along gaily as you type!

Video Game Music

It makes sense that video game music is the perfect soundtrack for concentration. It is designed to sit in the background, keeping you ‘in the zone’ and alert for long periods of time. People literally lose days of their lives to glued to their seat playing games, so if it gives you even a fraction of that focus to do tasks of actual use then you’re on to a winner. The tone of the music is positive without being intrusive and hopefully will help you to reach the next-level with your work.

 Zen Meditation Music

And breathe…We all get stressed at work from time to time, if we didn’t it wouldn’t challenge us and we’d be totally bored. That being said, sometimes in order to concentrate we need to calm down and quiet our mind. Zen is a type of Buddhism that focuses on attaining awakening through meditation and the mindfulness. Meditation discourages mental withdrawal from the world and day dreaming, instead demanding you be fully aware with a vigilant attitude. This particular music is overlaid with birds sounds to calm your mind and transport you to a peaceful and stress-free land.

Customised Music

Lastly, Brain fm, is a music service based on neuroscience that believes ‘music is the future of medicine.’ They provide customised instrumental music that increases focus for reading, studying or creative work. You are able to choose an intense focus period time, ranging from 30 minutes to two hours and they claim that ‘The session will not only focus you, but will put you into a ‘flow’ like state. Where you may become more creative, drown out distractions, notice time flying away, and achieve a pleasant sense of satisfaction from being productive for many hours.’ Good luck!

But remember, music can only take you part of the way. Our flexible, media-style office spaces are designed to enhance creativity and productivity, with plenty of natural light and custom design features.


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