5 Amazing Artworks on Rivington Street, Shoreditch

rnrproperty on May 9, 2018

5 Amazing Artworks on Rivington Street, Shoreditch

Rivington Street, home to our stunning flexible office space, is microcosm of character with its cobbled stones, unique art galleries and boutique eateries. It is also home to some of the most exciting and recognisable street art in London. The colourful murals that flank the Shoreditch street make it impossible for you to power walk past, but if you don’t have the time to stand and gaze, here are our highlights.


The illusive Banksy is a cult figure in popular culture due to his socially conscious street art and closely guarded identity. The beer garden of Cargo nightclub has two Banksy pieces: Guard Dog and His Master’s Voice and Designated Graffiti Area.

Guard Dog and His Master’s Voice is a satirical take on the now disbanded HMV (His Master’s Voice) music company logo. The original image featured a dog named Nipper looking inquisitively into a wind up gramophone. In Banksy’s version the dog holds a rocket launcher aimed at the record player, perhaps a commentary on the commerciality of the music industry. Other local graffiti artists have painted around the work but it has remained intact to enjoy with a beer.

Designated Graffiti Area has the same tongue-in-cheek humour; it depicts a guard and a poodle keeping watch over a sign declaring the wall an area for graffiti. Now, ironically covered in Perspex for protection, a designated graffiti area it certainly is not!

Theirry Noir

Theirry Noir is one of our favourites and his work adorns the walls of our shared offices around East London. The Berlin-based artist is famous for painting the Berlin Wall, and being the first artist to do so five years before its demolition. Noir’s objective was to perform an act of revolution; to transform it with colours to ridicule the regime. His simplistic style was a product of the illegal nature of his work. He stuck to ‘two ideas, three colours’ to paint fast and avoid being caught. One of his instantly recognisable character can be found at the entrance to Cargo nightclub. Noir is as important in the cultural history of the world as he is the evolution of Street Art.


Stik, as his name suggests, paints stick figures. His large-scale work is socially conscious and sensitive to its surrounding, often utilising space creatively. Having grown up in Hackney his piece on Rivington Street is right at home. His works are intended to speak for a community as opposed to Banksy’s that convey his own world view.

Mau Mau

Having completed work for Greenpeace, Surfers Against Sewage and Glastonbury Festival, Mau Mau likes to make art with an enviro-political agenda. His piece on Rivington Street is typical of his humorous style and features one of his trademark characters: the mischievous fox. The fox is depicted dragging a shopping trolley on a string and smoking a cigarette, giving him the appearance of being homeless. This could be interpreted as both a statement on society and the disparity of wealth, and a commentary on our treatment of the environment and animals.

Ben Eine

Ben Eine is one of the most successful British street artists, so much so that in 2010 Prime Minister David Cameron gifted his work to President Obama. Eine began over 25 years ago, painting his tag round London before developing his unique typographic style. His large-scale painting ‘Scary’ is located under the tunnel archway on Rivington Street. Eine described the motivation for the piece as a commentary on the negative perception of graffiti artists. He is quoted as saying that people “believe that if someone can tag the side of a wall… they can smash my car window, steal my stereo, if they can do that then maybe they can grab my daughter and rape her, so it’s like graffiti was always portrayed as this scary thing that meant law and order was falling down and it’s totally not.” And he is right, the art on Rivington Street brings a unique vibrancy and colourful aesthetic that is quite the opposite of ‘scary.’


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